Saturday, August 12, 2017

Busy time

I'd forgotten that August is such a busy time in Hawkeye.  I always consider July's weather to be the best of the summer but I often forget that it's August that is hot and humid and escapable elsewhere.  We had a fairly miserable bunch of weather in July and August seems to be sort of variable but mostly days with sun, no, rain, no, sun, no drizzle, no, hot.  On it goes.  I guess I missed one of the best dock days of the year yesterday--I went to the boat house (I've been staying at home) to enjoy the day but then it clouded over and was windy so I came home.  As soon as I got home it got sunny, still and hot (too hot to enjoy my deck) so I did indoor chores.  But not very many of them, it would seem when I look around my house.  I have company coming next week so I'd better hustle and do some serious cleaning and straightening up.  I haven't had a very industrious summer AT ALL and things are out of control.

I had dinner with friends the other night, made a delicious vegetable tian--verified delicious by others so I didn't have to rely on my own evaluation.  Tonight I had dinner with other friends and took a good salad, verified by my own evaluation.  Tomorrow I'm dining with other friends (I guess that would really be tonight, since it's 1:30 now) and Monday dining with other friends.  What's up with that???  I've had a fairly quiet summer socially but all hell seems to be breaking loose now.  I have a friend coming to visit from Conn. on Thursday.  I don't know how long he'll stay for but I do know that I have some real work to do to get ready.  I don't even know where to begin!

The dogs are fine, getting along and settled in.  Bear still wants Treasure to play with him A LOT and very roughly but she prefers a quiet approach to entertainment.  They do run around the yard together from time to time but mostly she just makes unpleasant noises at him and he leaves her alone.  So maybe it wasn't the wisest thing for me to get another dog after Tess died, and maybe I would be better off with only one dog, but this is the balance I've achieved for now.

I'm still walking in the mornings with a friend.  We walk outside now that it's summer, either down the road near my house or down the road near her house.  I saw my doctor recently and yes, my cholesterol levels are very good, and my lung capacity has improved a lot but no I haven't lost weight since I last saw him.  boo.

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