Monday, April 23, 2018


We're having an extended mud season this year--it started a few weeks ago but because it was cold and cloudy the mud never had a chance to dry out.  Soooo, my driveway is off-limits for now.  I'm to smart to get stuck in deep mud but too lazy to never drive through the mud.  Deep ruts at the bottom of my driveway but oh well.

I've had good days--last week Annie was here and we went to the gym and had dinners together.  She went back on Saturday.  I've been taking care of a friend's cat while my friend and her husband are out of town.  I had to have help with that last week because their driveway was impassable.  Their house is high on a hill with an incredible view of the bluffs at the foot of the lake, which is really lovely but man the driveway is hell to get up.  Anyway the cat is fine, she's pretty much deaf and blind but otherwise healthy.  I feed her and scratch scratch scratch her until she purrs.

We had book group last night and barely mentioned the book (we had more pressing things to discuss).  We're skipping the month of May, too many conflicts so we'll meet again in June at Linda's camp.  That seems so far away but then I'm reminded that next week is MAY!  The weather has made it hard to believe in the passage of time but we're making progress.  The sun has been out for 2 straight days with more to come (if you want to believe predictors).

Tomorrow is the Archives, we'll do some more scanning.  Wednesday I'm going to a day-long training session in Canton with the woman I work with in the Archives.  It's not training I'm very interested in but it's relevant, about conservation of the collection.  All day???  I promised my co-worker we would go.

I'm sitting on my new couch.  I sleep on my new mattress.  WOW such big changes!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Third winter

I recently saw something called "The 11 Seasons of the Adirondacks," which said that we are currently in Third Winter, just before Mud Season.  We're really having both at the same time.  My driveway is a mud wallow, I'm parking at the end of it and slog through snow-covered mud to get to the car.  Probably my least favorite walking condition is this, mud under snow, which will suck the boots right off your feet--no, really, it does.

I've been doing all right in spite of the weather.  Weather is one of those things you can't change so I try, in my life to not fuss about things I have no control over.  Do I succeed?  Sometimes, sometimes moderately, sometimes better, sometimes worse.  It tends to improve the quality of my life, I think.

I had a good week.  Two trips to Potsdam, that was a big much but both trips were good.  The training session on Tuesday was geekily fun.  REALLY geeky but I got to see a good friend in the process and I learned that I'm doing the work at the Archives in a successful way.  The second trip was on Thursday afternoon to attend the same friend's retirement party.  I went with a friend and we really REALLY screwed up the trip there, taking a "short cut" that added many miles and almost an hour to our trip.  Oh well, we made it and had a nice time at the party.  It reminded us that we have been here for a LONG time and have come in contact with many many people.

I did the gym most mornings.  Well, some mornings at least.  Yesterday we met at the gym and quit after 15 minutes because my friend was sick and neither of us felt like treadmilling so we went to Stewarts for coffee instead.  We did walk at Taylor Pond twice this week so that was good for the dogs and also really nice to be outside even though it was 19 degrees.  Not windy and semi-sunny so a pleasant time.

Today is my friend Annie's 75th birthday.  She's choosing to ignore the number.  Today is the day that Fred always drives down North Shore Lane to his camp, except NOT this year.  Too much snow still and icy roads today.  Our precipitation is something hard to describe--snow, no, not quite.  ice, well maybe.  sleet, yes, probably.  Just a messy combination of all of this.  And it's supposed to get worse and be windy ("damaging" winds, swell, just swell).  I'm hoping to get to Plattsburgh tomorrow, have to pick up meds and am hoping to have lunch with a friend.  Today I'll go visit P&J, I hope, after I go to AuSable to get milk and maybe a bottle for James.  Which is more important, milk to make yogurt for myself or whiskey for Jim?

Monday, April 09, 2018

Still moving toward spring but slowing down

We're stuck in this weather pattern where it's in 30's during the day but down to 11 or 12 at night.  Although we do like to firm up the mud, this is doing little to bring spring.  I recklessly turned off the heat in my cellar hole and bingo! my pump froze this morning.  No harm done and it thawed while I was running errands in town so all was well.  But really???  Is that necessary?

Life goes on in Hawkeye.  Huge wind storm last week caused power outage that lasted almost 2 days while temps were in the teens.  That was nasty.  House was 47 when I got up Thursday morning.  I went to work, convinced as I always am that the power would be back on ANY MINUTE.  Only it wasn't and the house did not warm up during the day.  I lit a fire and got it up to 57 before going to bed on the couch by the wood stove.  What a drag.  Power came back on of course and all was fine.  Just a reminder of how dependent on running water and television I am in my daily life.

My new couch was delivered on Friday after my friend Lin spent hours cleaning my bedroom as a favor so my new mattress would have a good home.  Except there was a problem with the ordering of the mattress, of course so it won't come until this week.  Not to worry, the bedroom is still clean and the couch arrived without incident.  The dogs think it's not as nice as the old couch (yes, I know what they think) because it's higher, cleaner, you don't sink to the floor when you sit on it and it doesn't smell bad.  Aw, too bad. Wait until they find out we're getting a new mattress.  Yikes.

I'm still getting to the gym most mornings, the thrift store on Weds. and Sat. and the Archives on Tuesday and Thursday.  A busy time but not too much.  I've been promoted at the thrift store and am learning to accept the responsibility of receiving and pricing donations.  Yes, there's a philosophy and a method to the madness.  Somewhere between "one less thing to the landfill" and "this could be valuable."  Always "one person's trash..."  Yes, we get a lot of trash, most of which is no ones treasures.

Tomorrow I'm going to Canton to a workshop on metadata for my work in the Archives.  It's about 1 1/2 hours away and the training is 3 hours long.  I have always maintained that meetings or training sessions should last at least as long as it takes to get to them so this session is very satisfying.

Later this week I go to Potsdam to a retirement party for a network director friend.  How do I feel about retirement parties? 

Monday, April 02, 2018

Moving toward spring

What a beautiful day in Hawkeye!   It's cool, 35 but the sun is bright and warm.  Funny when you think about the snow that people like my mother are having today.  We still have 6-10 inches of snow on the ground but days like today have a big impact on that for sure.

Easter was a day all right.  I woke up at 3:30 because the dog barked, then I discovered the power was out so I called the elec. company and went back to bed.  The power had been out on Saturday for a little while too (who knows why) so I wasn't worried.  What an inconvenience, though--no power, no water, no television, no hot coffee (off I went to Redford for that).  Oh suffer suffer.  I went to P&J's and had a nice visit with them in their very cool (as in chilly) living room.  I had a fire in my wood stove so my living room was much warmer.  After that I went out for Easter dinner with friends who live across the lake--they have a generator so it's nothing to them to have the power out.  I really think I need to work with my mother to get her a generator set up like that.  She's interested I know.
The power came back on around 3 p.m. and life was good again.

Today was dump day but I went too early, once I started doing some cleaning I found more dump-worthy stuff but didn't feel like making a second trip today.  Later, baby, later.

I'm still going to the gym most mornings.  This week I'll work in the Archives solo, my assistant is off to Texas this week and next.  Rats, it's school vacation and the 7th graders have been told to visit the Archives to work on their projects.  Oh crumb.  Wednesday is a trip to Burlington with Lin, my annual mammogram and doubtless a trip to Trader Joe's.  I need dog food though so may have to stop in Plattsburgh on the way home.  No planned trips to Plattsburgh this week other than a pass-through on Weds.  Friday my new furniture is due to be delivered and of course I'm worrying about the mud in the driveway.  It's bad, very bad.  Freezes at night but I have 2 spots that are pure wallows between the end of the driveway and the house.  And of course it's supposed to rain, no, snow, no, rain later this week.  Oh drat.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Still not quite spring

We are losing snow, there's no denying that.  I heard a red-winged blackbird (but not at my house) and today I saw a turkey vulture.  and I smelled dead skunk on the way to Plattsburgh.  Signs of spring but the ground is still covered, well covered with snow.  And there's mud in the driveway.  The ground hasn't thawed yet but it's coming along slowly.

Wednesday was my first day in Receiving at the thrift store.  It went well but I asked a lot, lot, lot of questions about what to keep and about pricing.  I think it will be OK and the people are very nice to me.  Do I like it?  Yes, it's a good thing for me to do.

I went to the Archives yesterday and that, too was fine.  Margaret will be gone for the next 2 weeks so I'll be on my own.  That's fine as long as no one comes in asking for help and unfortunately the school kids will be on vacation next week so may come in to work on their projects.  OH NO!!!

Today was an exciting day, the gym this morning as usual but then I went to Plattsburgh to buy a new couch.  What a good salesman, he took me right to the perfect couch for me, based on what I told him I was looking for.  SOLD!   Then I asked if he sold futons because my futon is 16 years old (I recently discovered) and I sleep in an indentation the shape of my body.  I tried a few mattresses--oh, so different from a futon!  and found one that felt just perfect so I bought it.  A new mattress!  I don't know what the dogs will think, first a new couch then a new bed as well.  They'll deliver the goods next Friday but best of all they're taking the old stuff away.  Far, far away.

Tomorrow I'll meet my friend at the gym at 7:30 then (after coffee) will head to the thrift store for a couple of hours before meeting another friend in Keene for coffee.  more coffee.  Sunday is Easter.  I've been invited to a sunrise service at the top of Whiteface but I think I'll pass on that.  I've also been invited to an Easter dinner across the lake in the afternoon.  That will be nice, it's just 2 couples and me.

Life continues to be good for me.  I'm not antsy about the weather--it's in the 30's these days, above freezing during the day with cool nights.  Very typical.  I'm usually fed up with winter by the end of March but I have a much more benign attitude about it all this year.  A sign of maturity?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday--is it spring yet?

Temp today was in upper 30's but there wasn't sun.  Some breeze, though, which helps melt the snow.

Yesterday was a Plattsburgh day, doctor's appointment and a couple of errands.  Did go to the gym first, did half an hour on the treadmill.  This morning we went to the gym but only did 15 minutes because my friend had to get to work early.  Oh I'm so happy I don't have a full-time job!  I do have a job, though, and went to the Archives today.  I don't have to be there until 9 and only work until noon so it's barely enough time to get anything done.  We had the 7th-grade class from the school visit.  I am not a good tour guide of the place so I turned them over to my assistant Margaret and she did a wonderful job.  We weren't sure what they wanted to get from the visit, the teacher was a little vague but the kids had a good time looking up photos.  I asked them if they knew what a card catalog was--guess what they said--NO.  They had no idea what it was or how to use it so we set them loose on the ever-important to the Archives card catalog.  It was fine and I laughed at the fact that libraries haven't had card catalogs in the lifetimes of these kids.  I explained it to my mother--she was stunned that the kids didn't know about card catalogs but I reminded her that libraries got rid of catalogs 20 or more years ago.  What a job that was, getting rid of the cards.  We found a company that would recycle our cards and we sold the catalogs themselves for $50 each (my friend bought them and resold them for $200 each to friends).  Oh those were the days...    not.

Tomorrow I'm volunteering at the thrift store.  My first official day in Receiving.  I went yesterday to be trained and am still (more?) intimidated.  I'll be fine, I just don't want to make decisions that much.  I can barely make decisions about what to wear.

Sunday, March 25, 2018


It's a beautiful day, almost spring-like but still 34 degrees.  Supposed to warm up this week, temps in the 40's.  Maybe even some rain at the end of the week.  Pretty exciting.

Had an exciting day yesterday--on my way to the gym at 7 a.m. I came across a dead bobcat in the road, hit by a car but unmarked.  I went on to the gym & asked my friend if she'd seen the cat and she screamed I ALWAYS WANTED A STUFFED BOBCAT so we raced back to the dead animal and put it in her car.  Back to Stewarts to ask the regulars (we knew they would know) where a good taxidermist could be found.  Plenty of "Can I see the bobcat?!!" and suggestions about what to do next, final determination was that she should call DEC (Environmental Conservation) and they would tag the animal for her so she could take it to be stuffed.  Well, almost.  DEC said they couldn't tag the animal because the trapping season ended in February, even though she didn't trap it.  Rules are rules.  The Forest Ranger went to her house and picked up the 1-year-old female absolutely gorgeous specimen, said they would have to send it to Albany for testing but then would donate it to an educational institution.  Which is what my friend runs, so we're hoping they'll return the cat to her.  It is really just a beautiful animal, in perfect condition.  That was just too much excitement for yesterday, all I could do for the rest of the day was head to the dump.  Whew!

Now it's Palm Sunday and that means nothing to me.  I had planned to go to RI for Easter but the decision was made that I'd skip it since I'm going back in May.  It will be the first Easter I've spent by myself--will I care?  Impossible to know.  I'm half-tempted to go to RI anyway but then I think about how much driving that involves and how nice it's supposed to be here so I think I'll stay put.  It will be strange, this much I know.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, will take my filthy new car to the car wash and will buy an Easter lily for my friend Patricia.  I ordered one to be sent to my mother, I always take her one.  At noon tomorrow I'm meeting someone at the thrift store because they want me to start working in receiving, where they need more help than the Book Lady I usually work with needs.  Do I want to work in receiving?  Not so much but I do want to be helpful.  Some of the stuff is priced automatically but other stuff has to be priced when it comes in.  OH NO!!!  I don't want any responsibility.  I'll see how it goes tomorrow--the thrift store is only open Weds. and Saturday so we'll have a chance to go over everything easily.

Not much else going on this week for me.  There's a class coming to the Archives on Tuesday, 7th graders I think.  The teacher doesn't seem to know exactly WHY they're coming but she said she wants them to know what's in the Archives.  Luckily my colleague Margaret will be there, SHE can be the expert.

Weather is supposed to get exciting this week, temps in the 40's and maybe even some rain.  I should walk to camp this afternoon, it's a beautiful day and the dogs would like it.  But no, I doubt I'll do that.  Mostly I'll tidy up the living room and maybe do some work in the bedroom.

I'm a lucky girl.