Friday, November 17, 2017

New machine

I just bought a new laptop (not enthusiastically), the old one was have dying hard drive issues.  I haven't emptied the old one yet (yuck) and am still installing and learning about this one.  It's Windows10, swell, just swell.  I was assured that this OS is easier to use than the 8 I have on my other machine.  Geez I hope that's true.

Anyway it's a cold wintry day, temp at 3:00 is 24.  It's been a windy day but seems quieter now.  I went to Plattsburgh this morning, errands and lunch.  Boy did I have a lot of errands, yikes.  Anyway now I'm home and my house is so very warm.  I finally talked to the man who installed my new electrical panel in the spring and we worked out that the breaker he had noted as "untested" was only untested because he didn't know which heater it was connected to.  Well wowie jet am I thrilled to have heat at the back of the house now!   For the first time in years because I live in misery before asking for help.  What a huge difference (duh) and great comfort now.

It's been a fairly busy time for me.  I still work at the thrift store on Wednesdays and Saturdays, only in the morning though.  Yesterday I took a bunch of Christmas ornaments to the Upper Jay library for their holiday sale.  I got rid of 2 boxes and am thrilled.  None of the ornaments would embarrass me if they knew they were mine.  I only have tabletop trees these days so don't need as many ornaments.  I'll get that master bedroom in better shape yet, now there are 2 fewer boxes there.

I got a collar for Bear that glows neon green.  Man is it ever cool but he of course doesn't like it--it tattles on him.  I put it on him at night and all you can see out the window is a bright green circle moving around the yard and into the woods.  Hysterically funny.

Haven't been to the gym lately but I have been walking the bog pretty much every day with the dogs.  Not today, though.  They're both exhausted from our trip to town and are snoring peacefully at the moment.

I finished closing the boat house.  All that needed doing was to bring in the porch furniture.  WHY oh why do I put things off? 

Hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving.  I'm off to RI on Tuesday, looking forward to seeing the people there.  Not a great time for the dogs because they're confined to the pen but maybe Mark and I will go for a beach walk.  I don't think Bear has been to the ocean.  But of course I don't know that, there are 4 years of his life unknown to me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Not quite November weather

It's not quite what I like to have in November weather-wise.  I like 40 degree, sunny and windless days.  So far we haven't had that.  Today is gray and 32 but at least it's not windy so it's easy to get the house (too) warm with the fire.

It was 8 Sat. morning with plenty of wind to make it feel very very uncomfortable.  I can get the house warm enough but who wants to go outside in THAT??  Anyway it was fine and I went to the thrift store and did some work there.  I was promoted to bagger!   I had been working in the Christmas loft but was needed as backup at the checkout to bag.  Turns out I have a great talent for putting other people's treasures in bags.  Who knew?  It was nice and I did enjoy the interactions with lots of different people, all (mostly) cheery and happy.

Friday night I had dinner with friends from Albany who have a camp here.  They stayed in their cabin without heat or insulation but they do have a wood stove so insisted on staying there even though I invited them to stay here.  We had a lot of fun at dinner but man was it cold.

I did the boat house laundry at the laundromat on Friday.  Boy there were some odd folks there that day but it was all fine.  Now I have the bedding here--should I make up the bed down there so it would be all set in the spring?  or should I keep the bedding here, handy to be used if/when I have company?  I have enough for both but it's cold enough for me to want to spend as little time down there as possible.  I still have to bring in the porch furniture but did empty the fridge and take garbage to the dump.  I went to the dump yesterday, too, got rid of mass quantities of recyclables that I've neglected to take my last few trips.  Wow my kitchen seems almost empty!

Yesterday I was in Plattsburgh to have my snow tires put on.  Talk about being efficient--there's only a little snow on the ground now but there was black ice on Friday.  Of course snow tires don't do a thing on black ice, staying home is what I did in the early hours.

I had dinner with friends from across the lake on Sunday.  It's relatively rare to have the north shore and south shore mingle but these are long-time friends who are year-round residents so we try to keep in touch in the winter.  I realize I need to reciprocate and have them come to my house but oh boy that seems complicated and like a lot of work.  I will, though, I will.

This is a pretty quiet week for me, tomorrow I'll work at the thrift store in the morning then on Thursday I'll find something entertaining to do.  Friday I'm having lunch with a friend in Plattsburgh.  Saturday is the thrift store again and Sunday night is book group.  I'm making a squash dish for that, we have a Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of the hostess every November. 

Next week I'll be in RI, driving down on Tuesday and staying until the following Monday.  I bought the turkey yesterday (Have Turkey Will Travel), I think I've got pretty much everything I need to take there.  Got the wine Mark & I like yesterday.  Pie fixings all set.  We have our traditions, boy do we have our traditions for Thanksgiving.  It's just Liza, Mark and me but we do it up big and have a really nice time.

I've been taking the dogs for  bog walks every day. My walking partner is away while her husband has surgery in NYC so I'm on my own.  This means I don't go to the gym (except when Annie was here, we went together a few times) so the dogs get the benefit of that because I walk with them instead.

It's November.  I usually like November but this year it's been pretty dreary.  There's a bit of snow on the ground but there's no ice on the lake yet.  That will come.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Cold getting colder

I can't really claim it's COLD, it was 18 this morning and is now 27.  Never got to 40 today but it wasn't bad, a very still and sort of pretty day.  There was some sunshine but mostly not, just very still.  I like weather like that.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, in the 40's and sunny until late afternoon.  Temps then will plummet, down to low teens and maybe single digits.  Well hell it IS November.  I turned the heat on for a little while this morning but mostly I'm happy with the heat the wood stove shares in the living room.

I've had a good but pretty uneventful week so far.  A fair amount of gymming, that's always good.  My friend from DC was here and we spent a lot of time together.  I sped up the treadmill which felt great.  I conclude that our outside walks of the summer were better exercise than the treadmilling I was doing by spring.  Yesterday I voted (of course), proud to be number 31 at my polling place at noon.  My candidates won!  A bit of a surprise in one case but good news.  We had local races which I think are important when it's such a small town.  We know our local officials personally most of the time.

I walked the bog yesterday and today (though today's walk was brief, more of a boglet walk just done to entertain and run the dogs).  It's pretty unremarkable this time of year, no blossoms or fall color but it's a very very nice place and soooo handy for running Bear and Treasure.

Today I volunteered at the thrift store for a couple of hours in the morning, leaving early to run errands in Lake Placid before meeting my "exercise" partner for lunch.  The thrift store was busy and I did a lot of Christmas work.  Miraculously some of the things I put out and priced actually sold.  The small purple Barbie Christmas tree with light-up Barbie high heel ornaments sold because I lowered the price from $3 to $2.  SOLD!  That was a victory I savored.

Tomorrow is a Plattsburgh day, giving a friend a ride to pick up her truck.  What else will I do in town?  Not much, I got my errands taken care of today.  I didn't get to the dump so maybe I'll do that on my way home tomorrow.  The dump will be closed on Saturday and on Monday I go to Plattsburgh to have snow tires put on the car.  I'm quite pleased with myself for taking care of that before winter actually arrives.  Can't say before snow because we're supposed to have snow on Friday.  Cold.  Wind.  Snow.  I guess it's about time.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Warm but getting colder

It's still been warm here but now temps are dropping from 50's down to 30's today with a cold front coming in at the end of the week with highs in the 30's or 20's and lows in the teens.  Guess I should really really finish up my outdoor work and boat house chores!   I made an appointment to have my snow tires put on next week.  Yay for me, being prepared.

Today I had a silver filling replaced at the dentist's (as if I'd have it done somewhere else).  Of course I was hysterical, our childhood dentist was not kind and didn't believe in numbness.  Anyway this was PAINLESS and easy and quick and man was I relieved and surprised.  All was fine, a mere $283.  Again, preventive, the filling was cracked but not broken or missing.  Good girl, good girl.

It's been a pretty busy time for me.  I've been volunteering at the thrift store Weds. and Sat. mornings and that's going well.  I got promoted to the Christmas Loft where I get to be my own boss and work alone and it's not jam-packed with people.  On Saturday they bused in a minibus of senior citizens and man oh man was that insane.  I went upstairs to the loft, up steep stairs that the seniors couldn't climb.  Oh I'm mean, I am a senior citizen.

Yesterday I went to the movies with friends--we saw Victoria and Abdul.  That was fine and we all enjoyed it but wondered how much is true and how much was movie.  Not sure there's any way to know but there is a book written about it.  Doubt I'll read it.

I've started going to the gym again, it's too dark in the morning to walk outside and my walking friend has been sick so I missed a bunch of days.  We seem to be back to our routine, and Annie is here and has been treadmilling with me.  We just got back from a quick bog walk with our 3 dogs.  I was worried that Bear and her dog Milo might have some conflicts but the only problem was that Milo did NOT want to play run really fast and bark with Bear.  Bear minded that, he can't find anyone to play that game with him.

Tomorrow I'll vote.  We're electing Town Councilmen (no women of course) and a county legislator.  At least this election I have some idea of why I'll vote for the candidates I'm voting for.   That's my only plan for tomorrow but I need to finish closing the boat house so may work on that.  Wednesday is thrift store day, then lunch in Placid with a friend.  Thursday?  Nothing planned.  Friday?  Keep the fire going and warm up the house.  Sunday is dinner with neighbors across the lake, that will be very nice.

Life is good.  Retirement is fantastic.  I have to sign up for Medicare, well actually because I have the special state insurance I don't have to do anything, my signing up is automatic.  I'm extremely fortunate.  Excellent insurance all round.

I'll go to RI for Thanksgiving--can that really be 2 weeks from now?  I'm planning to go there on Tuesday, stay until Monday.  I'm foolish to think that will help with the traffic but at least I'm not traveling on Weds. or Sunday.  Will my pipes freeze while I'm gone?  Doubtful but not certain.  It has to get below zero really for that to happen.  That won't, absolutely will not happen.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Still October (barely)

Happy Halloween to us all.  I've done nothing to celebrate the holiday except eat a lot of chocolate pudding instead of candy.  I like to think I'm helping my body by eating pudding made with milk.  yeah, right.

I had my hair cut today, quite short and what Linda calls "sporty."  My hairdresser said it makes me look younger, I'll settle for that.  I visited P&J to show them, feeling that someone should see what it's supposed to look like but won't look like again after I wash it.  I have friends with straight hair, curly hair, fluffy hair and they don't have to do much to make it look good.  I have no such luck but refuse to put much effort into my appearance (as you all know).

On Sunday I went to a writing workshop at a local library.  WHY???  I was asked that by a couple of people.  I was curious and wanted to know what goes on at a writing workshop.  OK, now I know.  We had to write for 10 minutes using the prompt "meet me at 6:00."  I didn't play fair and didn't use the prompt.  Out of 12 people only one other person did that too.  We read what we wrote and the group and leader commented on it.  OOPS, we ran out of time before I read mind.  I wish I had the nerve to read mine, it would be interesting to hear what others have to say about what I wrote (and no, I'm not reproducing it here)(it was pretty stupid).  Well I was a big chicken and didn't offer up mine.  Some of the people wrote lovely things and almost everyone wrote something well worth hearing.  Guess I didn't feel that confident about mine.

So what have I been doing?  Not blogging.  I wrote a lovely letter yesterday but my computer froze before I saved it and it was gone in a flash.  Poop.  I almost bought a new computer today but then decided I wasn't in the mood and will struggle along with this 5-yr-old HP for a while longer.  It has some serious problems and a dead battery and I was advised that soon the hard drive will die.  I've been backing up what's on this machine that's worth saving--letters and photos almost exclusively.  I'll empty this computer soon enough.

I work at the thrift store twice a week for a couple of hours each time.  They're open Weds. and Sat. from 9-2 but I can't stand to be there for 5 hours so I usually work 9-12 or so.  Am I an asset?  Some days, yes very much but other days I wander around with a book or two in my hand pretending to be busy.  I left early on Saturday because there wasn't much book stuff to do and I didn't feel like working in the Christmas loft, where there is REAL work to be done.  I had company for lunch, we assembled Reuben sandwiches provided by Linda via UPS and her favorite and wonderful deli.  It was warm enough to eat on the deck so I set up a table there and it was pleasant.  The sandwiches were great.

Sunday night we had a storm, as did most of the Northeast.  It winded and rained plenty and in the early hours of the morning we lost power.  Not too dramatic because it wasn't very cold and it was daylight.  My power came back on but there was a line down near here that caused some smoking on the ground.  I called the power company to report it, saying "The ground is smoking and there's a line down--is that an emergency?"  Oh yes, the woman assured me it was an emergency and shortly after that trucks, including a water tanker drove down N.Shore La. to remedy the situation.  High drama for Hawkeye.

Bear has been misbehaving, having been sighted in too many locations too far from home.  He's cabled during the day when he's allowed out but gets to roam free before bed and when we first get up.  He seems to not want to stray far at those times.  Ah, the wonder of dog biscuits!  They get a treat if they come in.  I've been trying to walk the bog every day and that gives Bear a good run.  Oops, I skipped today.  and yesterday.  My walking partner has been ill for a while so we haven't stuck to our morning routines. 

There is a bit of color in the bog but it's mostly gone now, especially after the winds of Sunday and today.  I need to adjust to a forest without color but it is nice to be able to see into the woods.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Still not winter

It's 57 this afternoon with very little wind or breeze, cloudy but with some sun.  Who can complain about this?

I worked at the thrift store this morning but left by noon.  We get things (books) pretty much under control by noon but the big donations come in after 1.  I just get tired by noon and feel like going home.  We got a lot done today.

I had a great time working with the cemetery people on Saturday, we're trying to update the maps of the cemetery.  They haven't been updated for decades so it's quite a project.  Each lot is numbered but no one knows which lots are not sold but numbered, or created but not numbered, and the maps don't show who's buried in each lot that's taken.  Fun fun fun.  It's a good project and I like the people I work with.  Not sure when we're doing out next installment but they have my number and I'm sure they'll call if they need me.

Went out for dinner Sat. night with summer friends, that was nice.  They're gone for the year and were pretty much the last of the summers.  Lunch yesterday with a friend at the new restaurant in Upper Jay.  That was our second visit there, the first time we tried breakfast.  The food is good but it's only been open for a few weeks and they're still "in process."  I hope they make it, there aren't many places around.

Not too much else going on.  I've been walking the bog with the dogs--my walking partner has been ill so I'm on my own and don't walk as far or for as long without her but I try to keep the dogs entertained.  We're supposed to walk tomorrow morning, then I'll head to Plattsburgh for errands, lunch with a friend and an appointment to have my car worked on.  The other rear hatch strut broke this week, I had one replaced a few weeks ago.  This car isn't old enough to be having things like this happen.

Most of the leaves are gone but the aspens are gold and the tamaracks are hanging on.  Just a bit of color out there, mostly bare naked woods.  That takes getting used to for me but what choice do I have?

Friday, October 20, 2017

What month is it?

We are having the most delicious stretch of weather!   I love this.  It's 60 and sunny right now, even with the stiff wind it's comfortable and pleasant and oh-so-nice.  Have I been taking advantage of this weather?  Of course not, I still have a zillion outdoor chores to do.  This is so typical of me, especially the retired version of me.  Why do today what you can do tomorrow?  oh dear soon I'll run out of this weather and will have to do things in cold weather.  I have to close the boat house, dump the deck pots, finish cleaning the car, put the mower away, on and on.

I didn't walk this morning (or afternoon, though it's not dark yet) because my friend is sick.  Instead I stripped my bed then went to the laundromat in Peru and used the nice big washer, my good friend.  Now I have clean and dog-hair-free bedding but that won't be true by morning I bet.  Anyway I had a beautiful drive to and from the 'mat even with the lessening of leaves and color.  It's still pretty, the oaks are dark red and pretty.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me.  I'm helping out in the cemetery in the morning (we're comparing gravesites with maps, HAH! that should be good for a laugh) then have made plans to walk with a friend in Keene in the afternoon, then have made dinner plans with summer friends who are coming to close their camp this weekend.  That's my pretend obligatory 3 things in one day.  I tried to make today's activities come out to 3 different things but that didn't work.  I should take the dogs for a walk but Bear already took himself to camp and was retrieved by someone who brought him home.

The sky is blue, very blue and cloudless.