Friday, February 15, 2019

Cold, warm, cold, rain, snow

We had a lot of snow this week, got about 8 or so inches on Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Lots of cancellations and travel warnings but everything was fine with me.  I got plowed out Weds. morning around 8, went to the thrift store after that.  Boy was it slow--more workers than shoppers and hardly any droppers.  That was fine but I got bored and left earlier than usual.  Did I make productive use of my time?  Heck no.  I've had a lazy and unproductive week.  Did go to work both Tuesday and Thursday, OK, that was productive.  Went to the gym twice, am planning to go again tomorrow before heading to the thrift store.

Meanwhile I had my annual physical this morning.  No surprises, nothing to report.  I am in good health.  Do have some follow-ups but nothing dramatic.  Boy am I lucky!

Book group is Sunday.  We're reading a book that no one likes.  I'm not totally in the "doesn't like" category but it's not drawing me in.  I'd better find something better to offer for next month!

Friends stopped by this afternoon, they were here to check on their camp.  Their report: big snow and ice on their porch roof, they're nervous about that but can't do anything.

Life is good.  It would be better if I slogged through the snow to feed the birds.  The dogs have made a narrow, very narrow path to the feeder but I punch through the snow when I walk on it.  Poor birds.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

First the cold, then the rain, then ICE

We had about a quarter of an inch of ice on everything this morning.  What a mess!   I decided, like a fool to go to work this morning.  The deck and steps were bad enough but I had to crawl on hands & knees to get from the steps to the car.  Car was encased in ice but that was OK because I have a remote starter thank you Mark.  The trip to Keene Valley was fine but I opted to take the interstate because the road in Upper Jay is close to being flooded over due to a huge ice jam.  The roads were just fine but that is a long, long way to get to work.  I came home the regular way, through Keene and Upper Jay--the ice jam is still most impressive and right up to the road.  I heard that it breached the road last night.  Yikes.

I've had a good enough week, not much of interest or excitement.  I skipped the thrift store on Saturday, just went to the dump.  Boy did that feel good.  I spent Monday morning in Plattsburgh, had the car serviced and inspected then got groceries and came home.  Tuesday and Weds. I went to the gym, that felt good.  Quiet days otherwise.  I went to the thrift store yesterday--there were more volunteers working than there were shoppers.  Yikes.  I was a packer because there were enough people in receiving and nothing coming in.  The usual packer wasn't there--she's incredibly possessive about her post so I was lucky.  It's funny how some people there are really really territorial.  I'm totally not, think of myself as a floater, I just work where I'm needed.  Books, receiving, packing.  I refuse to learn the cash register, which would really please them.  NO I do not want responsibility.

I had hours to chat with the cashier and she wanted to hear the story of my life so I spilled my guts.  That certainly entertained both of us.  I talked at length about my poor father's life after being black-listed in the 50's and the impossibility of his getting a job for the many years of our youth.  I realized that, in spite of the awful situation my mother never let us feel the desperation that she and my father felt.  I wasn't really aware of the fact that he couldn't get work, I just knew it was awful that he changed jobs every year and we had to move.  Well it is what it is and I told my mother all of this on the phone this morning and that pleased her.  She doesn't much remember too many details of my childhood, just the facts and that's fine with me.  She gets confused about the chronology but she's usually willing to be corrected, or she asks for details.  She's amazing.

Now I'm home, nestled on the couch with the dogs and in for the night.  I bought an air fryer and will cook some crispy chicken breast (zero points) for dinner.  Last night I cooked zucchini and that turned out well but wasn't exactly inspired.  Lucky thing I live alone.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Still winter

-5 this morning and the house is chilly.  Can't light a fire in the stove until later this morning, the stovepipe/stove cleaners are coming in 2 1/2 hours so I sit in front of an electric heater while the living room is 55.  Waiting for a friend who is coming for coffee in a little while.

Life is good!  I worked 2 mornings this week, scanning and sending images to the grant coordinator of an oral history project.  She was thrilled with the images we sent, which is so rewarding.  YES!   The work we've been doing is appreciated and useful.  That's very rewarding. 

I volunteered at the thrift store on Weds. morning, that was fine.  I was a bagger then worked with books (weeded the fiction while the woman who is in charge of books was not there)(sneaky).  It was a pretty slow day, not many shoppers and not many droppers.  It had been busier on Saturday, maybe people had cabin fever but it was too cold on Weds. to venture out.

It's been a cold week but not as cold as it is elsewhere.  I haven't been doing much, just stoking the stove, feeding the birds, doing laundry and dishes.  Boy this makes my life sound pretty boring! but it's not really, I'm happy.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Winter as usual

Cold weather (-1 right now, -5 this morning but with warm sunshine) and snow (6" predicted for tomorrow and Wednesday), just a regular Hawkeye winter.  No extremes in weather so far though they love predicting -20 wind chills later this week.  I don't pay much attention to wind chill, I just go by what the thermometer tells me.

I've had a good few days.  I canceled my chimney cleaning for Friday because the driveway was pretty treacherously icy and I know the guys only have a van, no 4WD or even AWD.  They're coming this Friday instead. 

Saturday I worked at the thrift store for a couple of hours, helped out with books--that seems to be where they like to have me these days.  It's pretty slow in receiving but the store was busy with shoppers.  Speculation was that people had cabin fever.  Saturday night I had dinner in Saranac Lake with friends from Albany.  They were only up for the afternoon.  We had a good visit, very nice time.

Sunday was Clean the House Day, I hosted book group last night so spent time vacuuming, dusting, de-cluttering and cleaning.  Why, oh why do I wait until company comes before cleaning like that?  It's so very nice to have a clean house!  Anyway we had a good book group time.  Someone brought homemade pizza that was delicious and someone else brought a lot of chocolate from the store where she works--left from Christmas, very tasty treats.

Today I went to Plattsburgh, in desperate need of a hair cut.  Ran a few errands then had lunch with a good friend.  It's reached the point where I've known my good friends for 30 years now, that amazes me but this is my 35th year in the North Country.  Hard to believe.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Warm, getting warmer

It's 40 this morning, wow what a difference.  We had some sleet and icy rain last night but nothing too serious so that was lucky.  Now it's warm and supposed to be raining but I don't think it's wet out there.  Of course it's dark so who can tell?

I've been having a good week.  Worked at the Archives, volunteered at the thrift store, visited with friends.  We went out for dinner last night and that was extremely nice.  The roads were bad but my friend drove and he's a good driver so it was all fine.  This morning I'll go to the Archives, hoping the roads are good (but they should be), then I'll meet my visiting friend at the garage where she's dropping off her truck, give her a ride home (down the hill from my house).  Having dinner with her tonight then she leaves for home in DC in the morning, I'll give her a ride to the Plattsburgh airport.  Tomorrow at noon the chimney cleaners are coming.  I realized during the night that I'll have to do some shoveling so they'll have a place to put their ladder to clean the stovepipe.  RATS!   I do not enjoy shoveling!  The snow is waist-deep and there is absolutely no place for them to put the ladder.

It's nice and warm in the house, thank goodness I didn't schedule a cleaning earlier this week because I can't use the stove today or tonight, it has to be cold for them to clean it.

I have to clean the house for book group.  Not really "the house," just the living room and bathroom really.  I have to dust, ugh, the stove throws dust totally and completely on everything in the living room.  Vacuum, sweep, clear off surfaces of clutter.  Won't take long.  I laugh at myself, I don't like to clean much before company comes because it gets so cluttered and full of dog hair quickly.

Life is good, very good.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Cold, getting colder

It's -11 right now (1:30 a.m.) and getting colder.  I'm awake, slept for a few hours but then something (with 4 legs) woke me up.  I was hoping to catch the lunar eclipse but it's too cloudy.  Treasure went out and barked at the moon--or else she was just barking because her toes were cold.  I'm glad I got up to feed the stove, the living room is getting chilly.  I brought in firewood before going to bed, but not much.  Rats.

We ended up with a lot of snow, at least 18 inches.  It's powder.  My plow man came twice so my driveway is in great shape.  The car is a lump of snow but it started at -5 when I moved it so he could plow.  It will start at -11 too, though when it's -20 you lose your radio stations and have to reset them all.  I don't know how cold it's supposed to get but they were yammering on and on about wind chills in the -20's on the weather report at 6 p.m.  Whatever it turns out to be is what it will be.  Summer people always say how lucky I am to live in god's country.  Well yes, this is god's country but sometimes it's pretty hostile.  I'm so lucky I don't have to go anywhere today and I don't have to worry about frozen pipes as long as I keep the water flowing.  I can't say enough about the success of the spray foam insulation I had installed last summer.  Man what a difference!

I'll shovel again when it gets light, right now there's a very narrow path down the deck stairs and through thigh-deep snow to the wood shed.  OK, maybe not THIGH deep, but knee deep at least.  The plow piles are taller than my car, man there's a lot of snow.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Run! Run and hide!

We're expecting a big storm tonight and tomorrow--original predictions were for 12-18 inches of snow, now we've been downgraded to 6-12 inches.  18-24" south of here.  Now THAT'S a lot of snow.  A foot is too much, a big inconvenience but it's cold so at least it will be powdery and easier to handle.  I love being retired and not worrying about getting out when we have storms.  By the time I need to be somewhere the roads (and my driveway) will be plowed.

Life has settled into my happy routine.  The Archives survived without me and we're back to scanning and more scanning.  There is a woman who took a picture of every single house in Keene Valley in the '90's and oh boy we're scanning each one.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  No, really, boring.  There are hundreds of them.  We're maybe halfway through the batch.

I'm up in the early early morning, just couldn't get back to sleep so I got up.  I should be reading the book group book, we're meeting here at my house next Sunday.  That means I have a week to clean and read so what's the hurry?  That should be on my gravestone--What's the hurry?

Dogs are just fine.  I let them out together a couple of times and they didn't go far.  I make a real effort to avoid that but once they got out of the car and took off, another time I deliberately let them out together because I had company and they were being obnoxious.

Today I'll spent a couple of hours at the thrift store then go to the dump and maybe to Jay for birdseed, depending on how much driving I feel like doing.  It's 6 degrees outside right now and due to be below zero after the storm.  We've had a lot of that lately!