Friday, January 19, 2018

WARM and plenty of it

Temps in the 20's these days and boy does that feel good!  We've been having a little snow every day, a couple of inches but that's pretty standard for winter.

I've had a good week, did my stints at the thrift store and Archives.  Hit the gym every day (!) and we're extending our treadmill times slowly.  We're hoping to make February a productive month both in exercise and weight loss.

Tonight I'm going to a dinner honoring the thrift store volunteers.  Am I a thrift store volunteer?   I guess I qualify but it doesn't seem that way.  I was invited (twice) so they think of me as a helper I guess.  I started in October and have missed a few weeks but mostly do show up on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The people who are always there are remarkable and reliable.  I don't feel that I'm reliable but they do count on me a bit.

My work at the Archives continues to be fun (fun?) and rewarding.  There's a group who are enthusiastically establishing a Town of Keene Historical Society and I've been marginally involved with that.  I'm not enthusiastic or in the Town of Keene so am a peripheral figure but am there because I'm the Archivist.  It's a nice and interesting group but I can't seem to muster the enthusiasm they have.  Oh well.  Not my town, not my people.

This weekend I'll work in the Easter Loft at the thrift store then maybe get to the dump.  Sunday is a Movie Day, plans are to go with R & L to see The Post.  All of a sudden there are films worth seeing in Plattsburgh, that happens once in a while.

Life continues to be full of good friends and nice times.

Monday, January 15, 2018

COLD and plenty of it!

Boy this is getting tiresome.  Temp this morning was -15, right now it's up to 5.  At least the sun was out and warm today and there wasn't any wind.  My house would NOT warm up until I figured out that I'd shut the heat off in the kitchen when it got too warm and had turned down the heat in the living room then as well.  Duh.   I knew when I did that that I would forget to readjust the heat.  Sometimes I wonder how I find my way home.

Anyway it's been a good couple of days.  I cleaned my downstairs (well most of it anyway) and cooked for book group last night.  We had a good visit with each other and a nice discussion about reincarnation and afterlife.  Interesting what people believe, isn't it?

Today I went to the gym, that was fine and we've decided to extend our treadmilling time and REALLY extend it in February.  Can't argue with that.  I had coffee with another friend in Keene later in the morning and that was fine but I got chilled.  I came home, did last night's dishes and took down my Christmas tree.  So proud of myself!  Now I just have to take the boxes of Christmas stuff upstairs and put them away.  OK, that's for another day.  Why rush everything?  It was a good tree this year but it was looking pretty bad.  My book group friend liked seeing it and looked at all my ornaments so it was good to keep it up.

Tomorrow we're hitting the gym at 6:30 in the morning.  Today I got up at 5:30, tomorrow I'll be up at 5.  After gym and coffee I'll head to Keene Valley to edit and crop the images we scanned last week.  Much work to be done with them.  I usually work only 3 hours but was thinking maybe I'd stay longer tomorrow (bet that doesn't happen).  Wednesday is the thrift store (I have 2 boxes of donations from friends--I'm getting more and more popular as people declutter and divest).

It's supposed to warm up a bit and snow tomorrow and Wednesday.  That's OK, now that I've got my heaters turned on.  I amaze myself sometimes with my ability to forget things.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

SNOW!!! and lots of it

We had rain and 50 degrees yesterday, got rid of a lot of snow but today we're correcting that.  It's snowing hard, about 7 inches so far with 6-12" predicted.  I'm voting for the 12 (not because I want it but because it seems likely).

I just did an extremely stupid thing and cleared off my car (no small task--coated in ice covered with snow) and drove to the neighbors' to see if the newspaper had been delivered (it had not).  Driveway not plowed.  Roads not plowed.  Visibility limited.  I'm a doofus.  I drove until there was a place to turn around (a mile) then came home, shrugged my shoulders and marveled at my stupidity.  I just like to know if I can get out.  Well yes I can but WHY would I want to?   I should be volunteering at the thrift store this morning but no, that's not going to happen.  We didn't go to the gym this morning because no, that would be a complicated trip to town.

Nice lunch in Plattsburgh with friends yesterday, driving in the rain and heavy fog.  A nice change from driving in frozen slush and slick roads.  Stopped at the dump on my way home.  That makes it a productive trip.

Today my tasks are cleaning tasks in prep. of book group hosting tomorrow.  We read The forgetting time, which is a novel about reincarnation.  I really liked it but Marylou hated it.  That usually leads to a good discussion so at least we'll spend some time talking about the book.  I've left my Christmas tree up for M'lou to look at but it sure looks droopy and it's definitely time for it to come down.

I worked in Keene Valley on Thursday--we scanned more than 100 photos, now I have to crop and label them.  That takes longer than I thought it would, I did half of the ones we scanned last week and didn't get that finished.  And I still have grave concerns about how exactly we're going to get these images onto the Internet.  That part is not my job, I just send the files to a library network who will facilitate the posting.  This is what wakes me in the middle of the night, HOW WILL THIS WORK?

Dogs are fine.  Treasure is a hardy soul, not stopped by cold air or snow but Bear is a wuss and doesn't like to stay out long when it's below zero.  What a baby!  I think I'M hardier than her is and I don't have a fur coat.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Oh dear I've neglected this blog.  I had intended to be a regular contributor but somehow it just doesn't happen.  Try harder!

It's a gorgeous sunny day with blue blue skies and white white snow.  Temps in the 20's, approaching freezing, really lovely.  I went to the thrift store for the morning then came home to hack away at the packed snow on my steps.  It gets more like a bobsled run if I don't keep up with the shoveling (which I rarely do).  I got the steps cleared but didn't work on the path from the door to the steps, that's a well-packed down walkway about 2" high.  I'll wait to see if the predicted rain makes it easier to clear.  If not, then what?

I've been doing my usual things--working in Keene Valley Tuesday and Thursday.  Yesterday was a long day because there was a meeting at 4 that I was asked to attend.  Man I was tired last night!  Pretty funny.  I left the dogs at home, taking a chance with Bear because he hasn't spent much unchaperoned time in the house.  They were fine but certainly happy to see me.

This morning I went to the thrift store but we couldn't open for 2 hours because of a propane problem.  That meant we sat in the basement of the church drinking coffee and visiting.  I didn't have the nerve to leave so waited until we opened, then worked a bit before leaving at my usual time.  Boy it's amazing how busy that thrift store ALWAYS is.

Tomorrow is a Keene Valley day.  May go to the gym at 6:45, may skip it.  Temps are supposed to be obscenely high and it's supposed to rain Friday just before temps drop and it all freezes.  Donny wasn't able to plow my driveway because of a truck problem so I push it in my car coming and going.  Not good but he guarantees me that he'll have it plowed by tomorrow night even if he has to use his tractor.  That would be good.

Life continues to be good, very good.  I have massive housecleaning chores to get done by Sunday when I host book group.  Uh-oh--can't do it too far in advance because then it will just get dirty so I have to wait until Friday at the earliest.  Yeah, that's right.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Last Beatles song

My favorite New Year's Day activity is to listen to "The Beatles A to Z" on a Vt. radio station.  I missed the first song but stayed until the last at 8 p.m. (it takes at least 8 hours for them to play all the songs--a very impressive catalog of recordings).  What was it?   Your Mother Should Know.  I took care of cleaning tasks, wrote some stuff, balanced bank accounts, did odds and ends of things until I ran out of things to do while listening to the radio.  You can't just sit on the couch and listen to the radio, you have to be DOING something, right?  Anyway I listened to probably 80-85% of the songs with great joy.

I've had a cold for the last few (several?) days.  I don't know where it came from but my doctor friend tells me that a cold virus can live a long time on various surfaces so that must be the ticket for me.  I don't mind colds, this one was not bad either but viruses always settle in my asthmatic lungs and I cough and cough and cough.  And now I'm out of Robitussen.  I'll get some in the morning and hope for a peaceful night.

It was -12 this morning (oh how tiresome, these temperature reports) but got up to 12 by afternoon.  It snowed for most of the day and we ended up with a couple of inches.  We're entering the Snow Zone, when it snows an inch or two or three every day.  There is more than a foot of snow on the ground now.

Friends stopped by yesterday, they were up from Albany for the day and skied on the lake.  They had an auger and drilled a hole in the 14-inch thick ice 10 feet from shore.  Some people say it's thickest next to shore and that's still not thick enough to go out very far.  I have no idea--I'm wary and just follow other people's footprints onto the ice.  It's too cold now anyway, I'm not even tempted to head out there.

It's been a busy time since I got back from RI but things have quieted down.  Today I went to Keene Val. to work in the Archives there.  There's a wonderful patron who comes in with his toddler on Tuesdays who helps me figure out how to get the scanning program to work and today he showed me how to access and edit the images we scanned when I was last there.  Thank goodness for good neighbors!  It was great to get so much done.  I'll be back there Thursday to scan more photos and the routine begins.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the gym at 7:30 then will go to the thrift store in Wilmington to volunteer.  I haven't been there in a while, since before Christmas.  Not sure what they'll need to have me do, the Christmas Loft may need some packing up or maybe there are a lot of donations that need to be stored for next year.  Who knows.  I'm less enthusiastic about working there now that I've made the commitment to work Tues. and Thursday mornings.  Maybe I'll cut back to one day a week.  Who knows.

The dogs don't mind the sub-zeros too much--Treasure wanders easily in the cold but Bear doesn't stay out long before he starts to suffer and play the "I can't put all 4 paws on the ground at once" game.  Funny boy.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Farewell to 2017

I'm home in Hawkeye, the holidays were good and all is well at -6 here.  This morning's early temp was -13.  This weather is almost enough to be depressing but I'm just happy my house is operational and not freezing or having a problem.  I have a cold and am spending the day watching 80's music videos from the couch with my dogs in front of a warm fire.  Nothing seems to help ease the symptoms of this head cold but I feel fortunate that it's only a head cold and not even a very bad one.  Geez I sound goofy, my glass is always half full isn't it.

I went to the neighborhood holiday party last night, that was lovely.  I didn't stay long but did visit with everyone there.  There were probably 35 or so people, people I like and am happy to see.  We are neighbors, after all, and we need to keep each other in mind.

The Holts have been here since Christmas and Annie and I have been to the gym every morning.  You'd think that would have some impact on my weight but apparently I eat enough to keep it in balance.  I don't do resolutions, really, but am hoping to get back to my Weight Watchers routine in January. 

It's sunny and bright outside.  Soon I'll go out for more wood but that's about it.  I'm drinking hot lemon-honey water (blech) because that's what 2 friends told me to do.  Mostly I'm just doing nothing and that feels so good!  I didn't go to the thrift store yesterday and will have another idle day tomorrow I hope, but return to my routines after that.  Work Tuesday and Thursday mornings, thrift store Weds. and Sat. mornings.  A good life.

I think 2018 will bring good things.  A girl can dream.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday time

I guess I've been busy!   My intent was to post to this blog regularly but I see I've neglected to do that.  Must do better.

I am busy, I volunteer at the thrift store 2 mornings a week and I work in the Keene Valley Archives 2 other mornings a week.  That doesn't sound like much but somehow the days get away from me.  No, the weeks get away from me.

Now it's almost Christmas.  I'm leaving in the morning for RI, will be there from Thursday to Thursday.  I'm hoping I've found a house-sitter for that week because it's tradition that my pipes or pump or SOMETHING freezes while I'm away in the winter. 

The lake has frozen over, sometimes that happens before Christmas but not always.  It's been cold although yesterday was LOVELY and rainy.  We lost some snow but have plenty left.  I liked the brief thaw because it gave me a good chance to shovel my steps and a path on the deck.  I'm notorious for neglecting that until there's a thick hard pile of snow in a path from the stairs to the door.  One year I had to slide down the pile of snow to get inside the door.  That made me feel as if maybe regular shoveling would be wise.  And now that I'm retired, do I really have an excuse?  I can't say "I don't like shoveling in the dark" because I have plenty of daylight hours at home.  Geez I do love this life.

I'm still hitting the gym most mornings.  My friend and I have been having a great time doing our treadmill half hour then visiting over coffee at Stewart's.  That will come to an end soon though because she'll have to go back to full-time work.  Rats.  There was a strange man at the gym this morning (!) but we included him in our chatter and found him to be politically sympathetic so that was a relief.  No, we don't like the tax game being played in Washington.

The dogs are doing well but maybe they think they spend too much time in the car.  I usually take them with me wherever I go but Bear starts whining on the way home.  Sometimes I stop at a trail in Wilmington on the way home and let them run but I tire of that walk long before they do so it's not a great success.  Haven't walked the bog in weeks, it's covered with snow now.

Life continues to be wonderful for me.  I'll have a good Christmas with my mother and Mark, then more company arrives on the 26th so it will continue to be festive.  If I can get this man to stay in my house while I'm gone I will really enjoy the trip.  If not I'll worry about my house too much.  But I'm happy either way and feeling very lucky.