Friday, February 17, 2017

What? More snow?

It just snowed and snowed.  We have at least 2 feet on the ground now and the snow is white.  So very white.  We had sunshine today for the first time in well, I don't know how long but it sure felt like a week or so.  Anyway it snowed 2 more inches of fluff last night after Donny plowed.  His plowing is getting more and more cursory, I think maybe he's tired of it.  I no longer move my car so he can do the whole parking area by the house, I think maybe I'm tired of it.  There is still a large space, parking for 3 or 4 so it's fine.

Yesterday I met Carol at the gym (I actually got there first, a first) and we had a good time.  No one else there, not Dave who is often there before we are.  We talk around him mostly, sometimes we include him in the conversation but he's not really that interested in what we're talking about.  Besides, he thinks the media is being so very unfair to Mr. Trump. 

Carol is using the elliptical and she makes it look almost appealing so I may move on to that soon.  I'm only using the treadmill, with a few minutes on the rowing machine these days but I'm actually starting to want more.  Wow, cannot believe I'm feeling that.

Yesterday I took my laundry to Lake Placid, there's a nice laundromat there.  After that I went to see the ice palace in Saranac Lake but I'm so spoiled that I only like going there if no one else is around. Yesterday there was a busload of schoolchildren from Westport running around screaming and having totally too much fun so I didn't even get out of the car.  I'll either go next week or not again who knows.  It's supposed to be very warm with temps in the 40's and that will bring a rapid end to the ice palace.  It's not as big this year, they only had 6 days to build it.  It's impressive as always, just not THAT impressive.

Today was a slower day, I did go to AuSable but that was in the morning and I skipped the gym (no Carol today, she's on the road).  I actually deposited money in my savings account there (this is a new trend) and picked up some things for Jim (including a birthday bottle from Joe) and got yet a few more groceries.  Stopped at P&J's on the way home but didn't stay long.  Came home, did a little shoveling and brought in firewood.  Then what?  Not much.  I did fill out the form I need to submit for a discount on my school taxes, now I just have to take that and some other paperwork to Town Hall.  Can't do that until Monday.

It was a truly beautiful day though a bit chilly.  That surprised me because it was in the 20's with such bright sun and that's usually my favorite kind of winter day.  I always brag about the "crystal clear winter days in the 20's with warm sunshine."  That's what it was but maybe I'm getting older because it didn't feel as wonderful as I expected.  rats.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Snowy time

We had our big storm this week, it snowed Sunday night and Monday.  We ended up with at least a foot of snow, probably more but I didn't measure it.  Donny plowed twice.  Nothing much went on on Monday, places were closed.  I did go to the convenience store for deli turkey (boy is that low in points).  Mostly I stoked the stove and hung out inside but I did visit with P&J.

Tuesday was a busy day.  Met Carol at the gym at 6:30, had a good time there.  Went to Plattsburgh in the morning for a hair cut.  Ran some errands including groceries and bank, then had lunch with Julie.  Since we'd just seen each other on Saturday we didn't have a huge volume of talking but we did have some important things to share.  She's off to Florida for a few days (if she actually did go, of course she was having doubts) so I won't be having coffee in Keene this weekend.

Today I met Carol at the gym early (6:00 instead of 6:30).  That went well, as it always does.  I came home, called my mother who is blue very blue because it's WINTER.  She gets that way every winter but snaps out of it in March.  March isn't far away.  Wow, only 2 weeks!

I came home from the gym and watched the rest of the Westminster show.  I wasn't as interested in it this year, there just weren't the stunning dogs that I'm used to watching.  I wasn't impressed by the German shepherd but then no one asked me about Best in Show.  None of the dogs I picked even won their groups.

I went back to AuSable to take care of some things (bank, grocery store and paid my gym membership).  Stopped at the town hall but couldn't be helped by the secretary there.  Got a phone number of the person who can help me, though so I'll follow up with that.

Now I'm spending the afternoon being quiet and stoking the stove.  Not much going on.  It's snowing again/still.  We'll get 3 inches.  or maybe 5 inches.  but could be 8 inches.  I used to be more fixated on weather forecasts but retirement sure does bring a shift in what concerns me.

Tomorrow I think I'll go to Saranac Lake to see the ice palace then maybe hit a laundromat in Lake Placid.  I don't have a dryer but will at some point, Donny told me he's got my panel and will be by one night this week.  as if.
Valentine's Day view from my living room.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ccccccold morning

It's not really THAT cold, but the house is not warm because it's so windy.  Temp this morning was -2, now it's up to 1.  I wasn't conscientious about the fire so the living room got down to 57 and is slow to respond to the hot fire I now have.  I'd forgotten what it's like to wear warm clothes, I've been relaxing in t-shirts and bare feet for too long.  Not today.

It was a good week.  I had a successful time at the doctor's, my cholesterol and glucose levels have improved since my last visit--thank you, treadmill and Weight Watchers.  The doctor was thrilled--we all love positive reinforcement, don't we? so I liked seeing him.

I went to the gym on Weds. morning and again on Thursday, met Carol there and had a good time.  yes, a good time.  I don't overdo it for sure but I get enough exercise at my pace.  I've increased the incline instead of speed.  I don't want to risk having an asthma attack so I just plod along like a workhorse.  It works.

Last night I had dinner with the Ruders and Carol and it was a lot of fun.  A cold night but their house is warm.  They're good friends and I didn't eat too much (but maybe drank a glass too many of the great wine)(and the Manhattan didn't help but boy was it delicious).

Today I'm going to the movies with Lin & Ralph, we're going to Lion after lunch in Plattsburgh.  Should be fun.

I need to get to the dump one of these days but it doesn't seem to work out.  "My" dump is only open until noon tomorrow and I'm meeting Julie at 10 in Keene so that won't work.  Hmmm   Maybe I'll g on Monday instead, that's the next time my dump is open.  Must be I don't have a lot to report if doing to the dump is what I write about.

Monday, February 06, 2017


So much for my efforts at posting often.  I keep thinking I have nothing to report but then time goes by and I see from my calendar that there are things I could write about.

Last week was pretty busy, too many (3) trips to Plattsburgh.  Gym at 6:30 Monday morning then a trip to Platts. to have blood drawn.  Gym at 6:30 Tuesday then a trip to Platts. for lunch with Barb.  Quiet day Weds., did some sorting of Conversationists' papers.  50 years worth of correspondence, news items and newsletters.  Eye appointment in Plattsburgh Thursday, just a follow-up to my lasering last month.  Dinner at the Holts following cocktails with Duncan, David and John.  That was a treat, all of it.  Gym Friday morning and coffee with Annie.  Coffee in Keene with Julie for 2 hours Sat. morning.  Dinner with D, D and JK at the Blue Heron always a treat.  Visits with the 3 of them various times.  They are SO CUTE!  Right now I'm waiting for D&D (JK went back to Calif. yesterday) to come to wash their dishes and visit.

Rush chopped a hole in the ice so we know it's about a foot thick so far.  David and John went out onto the lake and took some beautiful pictures.  The men climbed Silver Lake Mtn with resulting gorgeous images.  I don't have any interest in climbing anything in the winter (or, apparently in the summer).  The report that it's beautiful in the woods and at the tops of these mountains but the climb is tricky and icy in spots.  No, thank you, not for me.

I watched the first half of the Super Bowl but stupidly went to bed after halftime because how could New England win at that point?  Guess I missed the best of the game but it doesn't really matter much to me. 

Went to the gym this morning around 7, one other person there so we chatted and I stayed 40 minutes, egged on by his presence.  I'll take inspiration in any form.  Then I went to Redford to buy Jim B's birthday present (chewing tobaccy).  I do enjoy driving, listening to music.  My current music crush is Eric Clapton (making a repeat appearance).  Lots of his music.  He is great.

This week has some busy times and some quiet times.  Tomorrow is Jim's birthday (82) and I'll visit with them.  Wednesday is gym, doctor, lunch (Julie).  Thursday is quiet.  Friday may be movies with Lin (Lion).  I have a wall calendar and love to see things written on it.  That's a throwback to my working days, when I kept 3 calendars.

We've been having snow every night, got about 2" of powder last night.  Very pretty.  There's more than a foot on the ground now, temps are OK.  7 this morning, now up to 17.  I guess we'll have a storm later this week--snow tomorrow and warmer temps on Weds. with maybe some rain.  ugh.  rain.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday afternoon

So let's see...I don't think I did a lot yesterday, but I know I went to the dump and I saw P&J.  Oh, I did some laundry and sorted through some clothes.  Nothing fits me that didn't before I started Weight Watchers, but that will come I'm sure.  I seem to have a lot of pairs of sweatpants and pants with elastic waists.  Oh, yes, clothes for what Ken called "Biggies."

I spent time today sorting through 50 years' worth of papers of our shore owners' association.  I ended up with 3 boxes of correspondence, newsletters, minutes and newspaper clippings.  For some reason it never occurred to me to put these papers in the empty file cabinet I have upstairs.  The file cabinet was full of papers from our sawmill (which we sold in 1987) and records of various of my ex-husband's exploits.  I gleefully emptied it a few years ago and sent everything to the dump.  Oh that was liberating.  Now I have 4 drawers to fill with papers that are more relevant to MY life.  Good for me, but now all I have to carry the stuff upstairs.  There's another box of papers in the master bedroom for me to go through and file but today I'm quite pleased with what I accomplished.

Tomorrow morning I'll meet Carol at the gym at 6:30, then maybe I'll go to Plattsburgh to have blood drawn.  It's the week before my appointment with my "regular" doctor and he reports on all sorts of things, including mostly my cholesterol levels.  Thank you, Rogers genes, I have issues with cholesterol.  Anyway it's a fasting blood test so I like to go in the early morning but that never works well with my lunch dates so I make a special trip usually.  Since I'll be up (UP!) and about tomorrow morning I may as well do it then.  This is a lot of writing about a stupid routine blood test.  Must be I don't have much else to report on.

It's a little colder now but still in the 20's.  And gray, still gray.  The sun was out for a little while early this afternoon but it's been spitting snow for most of the day.  We're into that time when it snows a little every day and all of a sudden we have 6 inches of new snow.  It's supposed to get colder this week but nothing below zero.  What would we expect?  It's almost February.  It's been too warm for too long.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Breaker Breaker come in please

Hot water, she has hot water.  The problem was not the water heater at all, instead it was the breaker, which shorted out.  Yikes, that is very scary.  That makes 2 breakers like that.  Don came today and switched the dryer breaker so now I have 50 gallons of hot water but no dryer.  This it temporary and was just to get me hot water right away.  What's up with rotten breakers?  He said the wiring is good (thank you Eddie Zelinski) but the breakers are old and not the good kind.  I'm so excited, he's going to replace the panel and the breakers.  YAY!   I'll have heat at the back of the house again, that's just a bonus in all of this.  I'm happy it wasn't the heater but am very nervous about the breakers.  There aren't many in that box, maybe 4 or 5 (well, 2 fewer now).  Mostly I'm really excited to have someone working on my house.

I met Carol at the gym Weds. morning at 6:30 and we treadmilled for 40 minutes easily.  It sure is nice to have a gym buddy, we talk our way through the walking.  It's great.  I went this morning by myself and watched TV for the half hour I treadmilled.  Oh I'm good, I'm good.  I'm doing WW conscientiously.  Tomorrow I'll weigh in, hoping for another 2 pounds lost this week but I'll take what I get.  My clothes sure don't fit me any better so I still have a long way to go.  No, the answer is not to buy bigger clothes, I've done that in the past.

Lin called this morning, wanted to go to the movies but I couldn't leave the house this afternoon, waiting for Don.  Instead she came over and we had a nice visit.  I got antsy in the afternoon, Don didn't come until 4.  Of course it didn't take him long to figure out and solve the problem so that was grand. 

We're having snow these days.  Predictions are for 6-12 inches in the infamous higher elevations (sometimes that's us) and the western slopes of the mountains (that's us).  So far we've only had a couple of inches today.  It's supposed to snow all weekend so we may get 4-6 inches, that would be my guess.  That's fine with me, I know the friends who are coming next week want a lot of snow so this will please them.

Tomorrow I'll hit the dump and do some laundry, hopefully I'll see Pat & Jim.  I wanted to go there this afternoon but couldn't leave the house.  Lin and I may go to the movies, or not.  Oh I do love this life.

Time to do the dishes.  Using water from the tap.  Hot water.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Storm: CHECK

The storm came.  It started with ice, just enough ice to keep me at home this morning instead of meeting Carol at the gym.  I was up at 5, then dozed on the couch until my mother called to check on me.  She was having a storm too but hers was a wind storm with a little rain.  She's very nervous about wind--her house is in the woods, surrounded by trees and she worries endlessly about having a tree (or two) fall on her house.  I guess I could worry about this too but I elect not to.

Anyway I didn't go to the gym in the morning but I did go in the afternoon by myself.  I had a couple of things to mail and I wanted some gym time so I drove to AuSable.  The roads were nasty, only barely plowed but I got there without incident.  I treadmilled for half an hour or so, read a book while I walked.  Large print is definitely easier to read but this was a regular print book so I struggled a little bit but managed to read OK.  It was wonderful to have the place to myself.

I got behind a snow plow on the way home, picked it up just outside of town.  That meant 25 mph for 13 miles but that was OK, it was nice to have a freshly plowed lane to drive in and I was listening to early Neil Young and was going slowly enough to let the dogs hang their heads out the windows.  It was fine.  When I got home Donny came to plow my driveway (YAY) and I talked to him about hot water (the lack of it, anyway).  He's coming on Thursday to see what's up with my water heater.  I had called him but he was snowmobiling in Yellowstone, I didn't know when he came back.  duh.  A phone call, a simple phone call, Elizabeth, that's all it takes.  Anyway I'm pretty pleased with myself for asking for his help.  I know it's not so much "help" when you're paying someone to fix something but I have this major problem with asking for anything.  I'm afraid I see it as a sign of weakness and failure, the need for other people.  Well I know I need other people in my life, and I know all too well that I can't take good care of my house, but I just hate asking people for things.  Perhaps I could move past this?

Tomorrow I'm meeting Carol at the gym again at 6:30.  Will call my mother when I get home from that, then will go to Plattsburgh for lunch with Julie.  We ended up with maybe 6" of snow, it's very pretty out there.  I actually shoveled a path to the steps on my deck.  Easy shoveling.