Monday, September 15, 2014


We're well into September now and the leaves are starting to show it.  There are some reds and yellows, and all of the green leaves look a little faded.  This morning I paused to let a deer family of 3 cross the road--Dad was a spikehorn buck, Mom a nice doe and Baby was not too small but probably this year's.  We have a ton of turkeys these days, both adult and juvenile.  I was getting the paper yesterday and there was a huge flock of fledglings with a few adults in Jim & Pat's yard.  I had the dogs with me and boy were they excited.  I had to sit in the car for a while until the turkeys moved into the woods, which took a while.

My biggest news is that I bought a new car Labor Day weekend.  Lin went with me to Burlington, where I drove a Subaru Impreza and liked it enough to buy it that day.  It's all-wheel drive, which is something I've certainly longed for, but I had to buy the Sport package to get cruise control (a cruel trick on Subaru's part).  So I have heated seats, fog lights, roof rails, heated rear view mirrors (this is a true bonus) and other things that matter less.  It's a hatchback, another things I've longed for.  Am I happy with it?  Yes.  There are some things I miss about the Honda but this is a good choice and a nice car.  Do the dogs care?  Not a bit except that when Tess sits in the front passenger seat the alarm goes off continuously and annoys both her and me.  So she doesn't get to sit there.  I've had the car 2 weeks and it's got 850 miles on it.  Most of that is driving to and from work but I have taken a couple of long leisurely drives after going to the dump.  It's just a nice car to tour in.

I've made an appointment with the NY State Retirement rep for early October.  This is a big deal and I'm pretty nervous about it.  Excited, yes, but also nervous.  Getting down to the wire now.

There are still summer people in Hawkeye but Joe & Martha leave soon (Oct. 1) and Linda won't be far behind.  Duncan and Sue are here for the month which is a real treat.  Sue hosted book group last night (which was very generous of her, I thought).  We had plenty of food and a nice selection of things.  We actually talked about the book a bit (Amy Tan's The valley of amazement).  Not much, but a bit.  Next meeting is in October and we'll celebrate Christmas then so Linda can be part of the group.

I'm using the Kindle that Betty Rine loaned me and to my surprise I really enjoy it.  The combination of a Kindle and wireless Internet at home make it very, very easy to buy books.  I've bought a few but am trying to concentrate on PRINT books for a while since I have a huge collection of unread books in the house.  The Kindle is lovely for reading in bed and on the boat house porch.

I haven't been to the boat house for a while and need to get down there to start closing it up.  No one has been in camp for a while and I don't expect anyone to come this fall except for my cousins who will stay in their camp across the lake and take out the docks.  It's too cold for me to stay there these days, it was 34 Sat. morning and about that today.  It's sunny and nice but cool.  I do like September weather.

Not much else going on.  The mice are trying to take over my kitchen.  I've killed 17 so far and am sure there are many left.  Should I get a cat?  I ask myself that every time I set or empty the traps.  No, I don't want to have a cat.  I wouldn't mind having one, but it's another animal to care for and board when I go away.  I should just keep pet mice instead.

I was up during the night on Sat. and watched FarmAid.  Oh my but those men have aged.  John Mellencamp was OK but looks hard rode and his voice isn't what it used to be.  He's near & dear to my heart as a favorite of my father's and Jenica's.  I saw him live in Montreal once and it was a great show.  Anyway, he's still alive and kicking.  Neil Young was up next and he was good but rambled on and on about corporations and their evil ways.  His voice has held up.  Next was Willie Nelson who is OMG so very old.  He barely sings, just sort of recites the words.

Having lunch with my friend Barb today which will be a treat.  We'll go to the Greek restaurant downtown.  Yum.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a memory now

Back to life in Hawkeye and all settled in.  Last week was a rough one at work--I had such a truly wonderful vacation that it was hard to be back.  Ah, life is rough when you complain about what a great vacation you had.  We all really enjoyed being together.  We went to the beach nearly every day.  The ocean was cold but refreshing.  The water was mostly clear but there were a couple of days plagued by jellyfish hatches.  I don't know if it was eggs or jellyfish but there were billions of them in the water.  This happened another time but then it was much, much worse.  They're hard little things under water--Jenica said it was like swimming with ice cubes, which would be fine if you could forget that they're LIVE ORGANISMS.  We swam (briefly) in them and that was only twice.  The rest of the time we had good beach conditions.

We spent the first week with Jenica, Justin, Gwyn and Malcolm the GIANT DOG, all fitting comfortably in Liza's house.  She was nervous about everyone's comfort but it worked out well.  We had lunch at our favorite lunch place (Champlin's) and breakfast at Jim's Dock, spent a lot of time visiting and playing with the baby, and read a lot.  Very peaceful.

The second week was peaceful, too--much beaching and more reading.  We all read our books--I like lying on the futon on the front porch, where it's very comfortable and the dogs join me.  I also like sitting on the deck looking out at Liza's very green yard that's full of flowers.  It was good to read, I haven't been reading much lately so I wanted to get back in the habit.  I slept in the screened-in gazebo in the woods, a favorite place of mine.  I've wanted something like that at my house but don't suppose that will happen, and besides I have camp if I want to sleep in a screened-in place.

The dogs were good.  They didn't get much exercise, only one walk in the park.  They use the small pen attached to my mother's house and don't seem to mind much.  Maybe they know how lucky they are to get taken along...

The first weekend in August we had our annual family meeting.  It went well, without much discussion of anything.  What's new?  There's no money.  People don't do enough work at camp.  blah blah blah.  Always the same, always true.

Sunday of that weekend Molly cooked Sunday dinner for my friends.  I helped but she did most of it.  It was my turn for potluck and I asked her to do it for me.  It was delicious, of course.  After that we collapsed and packed for the trip to RI, leaving Monday after I went to the dentist to have my permanent retainer repaired AGAIN.  Easy trip.

When I got back last Saturday I settled in and unpacked, then visited with neighbors.  Everyone did just fine without me (no surprise) but all were happy to see me.  Sunday was Pat's potluck of meatloaf, which was delicious and filling.  Sunday night Linda hosted book group.  There were only 3 of us there but we had an excellent time sitting at her camp fire.

On Thursday night we had a wine tasting, conducted by Erdvilas and hosted by Joe with food by Bill's favorite chef.  Very fancy, very nice.

What's up at my house?  Not much.  Lots and lots of mice.  It's tempting to get another cat, but I don't think I'll do that.  I don't need another animal, and I sure don't need to worry about what will eat my cat.  I just set traps every night.  I've killed 8 since my return.  The year I got my cat I killed 21 before surrendering to the idea of having a cat.  Bet I have that many now, too, there just seems to be an endless parade of them.

Treasure picking up some food prep tips from Mark.  I couldn't get a good picture of her because her tail was blurry in every shot.  She wags her tail a lot.
Tess guarding Puppy and Teddy.  She's very gentle with them and carries them around proudly.  She has to keep them away from Treasure, who will pull the stuffing right out of them.
Watching over Puppy and Teddy is exhausting.
Our favorite spot for breakfast (on the right).  Good food and ambiance is excellent.
Ladies at the beach.  Liza went on our last day--there was a cool breeze (too cool) so we didn't stay long.
Justin testing the water with his daughter.  She thought the water was just fine.
Oh she's a cutie, all right.  She looks like a doll in this picture, but she's real.
I'm not in this one--couldn't get my camera to work because I was too stoopid to figure it out.  Anyway, this is the group from Week 1.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Off and running

My sister Molly took this picture as we were driving to RI.  The dogs are always interested in what's happening in the front seat.  They were very well behaved on the whole trip and visit with my mother and family.  I'll post pictures soon.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Heading out soon

It's my last day at work for 2 weeks--I'm off to Rhode Island next week with my sister for a nice long visit.  She's been here all week and we've had a very, very nice time together.  I hear plenty of people say "Oh I wish I could spend time like that with MY sister," and I want to tell them it's a question of arranging it, and it can happen.  Of course, my sister does the arranging part, flying to America and taking the train up here, but we both want it to happen.

I've been staying at the boat house all week with Molly (and the dogs), and it's been grand.  I worked this week but did take Weds. off and we had a good day.  We went to the dump then on to Pbg to get supplies for Sunday dinner.  We're cooking for 12 and it will be at J&M's house because our camp will be full.  Molly is wonderful at planning and executing things like this--thank goodness she's here or I would be struggling.  We've split the cooking this week, eating at the boat house on the porch.  Molly has done a ton of work, cleaning and arranging and painting there.  It looks really nice and is organized at last.

We have our annual family meeting tomorrow and it looks as if there will be a good crowd.  Some years we have a lot of people, other years not so many.  It's nice that Molly will be here for it.  Jenica et al. will come.  Many cousins will be there as well.

Work is fine.  I finished weeding the adult fiction, having handled each of our 8,000 books.  The stacks look good and I'm proud of the achievement.  Now I have to finish the non-fiction.  Yikes.  This will be my legacy--neat stacks.

Treasure is fine and pretty much back to normal.  She still coughs a bit now & then but certainly has enough energy.  Tess is doing well, too.  Molly & I were trying to scan something at my house the other day and having no luck getting it to work.  We kept hearing a sound that was promising, sounding like something being scanned.  Oh how hopeful we were, until Molly realized that it was Tess snoring and not the scanner.  How many advanced degrees does it take to make a mistake like that?  Very funny.

Bill hosted Sunday dinner last week, providing a huge Thanksgiving meal.  There were a lot of people there, at least 13 or 15, and there was plenty of food.  Molly & I left a little early because we were having problems with the pump at camp and people were due to arrive soon.  Finally got the water situation worked out and all seems to be just fine now.

I finished the book group book (Orphan train) and enjoyed it.  It's very good, but probably not excellent.  Better than Bees, that's for sure.  It's so interesting to ponder the things our country thought of doing in it's history--shipping orphans out to the Midwest on trains and doling them out like prizes to people who didn't have to prove they'd provide good homes.  Now I'm reading another Jonathan Tropper book.  He's always entertaining but this book is a bit gloomier than some of the others.

My Midwestern friends are gathering this weekend and I'm not there.  They returned to Lake Geneva and have a good crowd.  They've been posting pictures on Facebook so I get to enjoy the reunion from afar.

I'm looking forward to my RI trip, much of my family will be there at the same time (minus Molly's children and husband).  My mother is pretty tense about it, I think, but it will all work out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All's well that ends

Treasure is just fine!  I'm crazy about the vets at this place--I took her to a different, bigger vet here in Platts. and they were truly wonderful.  She's doing very well.  She still had a cough when I picked her up on Thursday afternoon and was a bit weak, but now she's pretty much back to normal.  A slight hack now & then but she ran and ran this morning so I guess she's feeling pretty perky.  She goes tomorrow for a follow-up visit, testing her clotting factor, which I expect will be just fine.  YAY!   Really, YAY!  She's basking in the attention and affection she's been getting all week.  Who learned anything from this?  ME!!! Not Treasure, I'm sure.  I'll never go near D-Con again.

Busy, busy time at the lake.  Too many people, too many activities.  I had 2 things last night, said no to all so I could visit with P&J.  More invites for tonight but I have a late meeting here in Pbg so have said no to all again.  I must be getting old, I used to try to make every social engagement but now feel OK saying no, I can't do it.

Have seen Duncan & Sue quite a bit, which has been great.  They're going home today but will be back in Sept. for the month.  Sue was at book group on Sunday.  It was a funny time, just 4 of us (Sue, Lin, Linda, me).  Pretty quiet but we did discuss the book quite a bit.  We needed Marylou.

The lake has been quite populated with boats this week, more than the weeks around the 4th.  I was on the dock on Sunday and it wasn't busy until late afternoon, then all hell broke loose.  Saturday I went to the dump, then Fred came for a visit, followed by Bill & the PINS.  The PINS moved old wood into the wood shed and stacked some of the new wood, then mowed the lawn (!).  Nice, nice.  I went to Big Daddy's with Fred for a snack before dinner with Duncan & Sue Sat. night.

Friday night Linda put on a Paella Party with great success.  She's amazingly talented, and made paella over an open fire.  It was delicious and we all had good visits and ate well.  yum.

Molly flies to Boston, then RI today and will be here on Saturday.  I'll go to Vt. to meet her train, then she'll be here for a week.  It will be so nice to spend the time with her, though I have to work during the week.  We have our family meeting on the 2nd, then Sunday dinner on the 3rd and off to RI the 4th or 5th for my 2 week vacation.  Oh boy it's busy.

Sunday dinner is in the evening this weekend, at Bill's.  Theme=Thanksgiving and I have to make a vegetable dish.  The group had expanded to around 15 but is down a couple now.  Big group.

All is well in Hawkeye.  I need to get firewood for camp, have it delivered next week when the place will be full of people to stack it.  I also need to get the water going--chronic problems with the prime-losing pump.
It never ends.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July is going fast

I don't think summers usually fly by at this rate.  This year it just seems as if there's not enough time to enjoy it.  I have had my dock days, a few, and have seen plenty of summer people, but it just seems strange to have August breathing down my neck right  now.

It's been an eventful time since I wrote anything, but the most pressing event is the trouble I have with my dog Treasure.  Last week she ate D-Con that I didn't realize was in the car, and this week she's close to death from it.  It's an anti-coagulant, so her chest filled with blood.  I took her to a new vet, one with good emergency services, and she has been there since yesterday.  I spoke to the vet this morning and Treasure lived through the night but there's still too much blood in her chest and she's having trouble breathing.  They gave her a blood transfusion and massive doses of Vitamin K.  At least she's still alive--I'm trying not to count on anything but now am cautiously hopeful.  I feel terribly guilty, for keeping the poison where she could get to it, for not making her throw up when I realized she'd eaten it, for not taking her to the vet sooner--you name it, I feel guilty.  I didn't realize it took a week for the poison to work so I thought she was in the clear.  Well hopefully this will just be a learning experience and not a tragedy.  Tess is mystified by Treasure's absence and just stares at me.  She wants to go everywhere I go, more than usual.  Anyway, I've found a good vet and I really like her so I may switch, after nearly 30 years with my other one.

I had nice visits with Duncan and Sue, dinner and random visits.  We had dessert with the Camerons one night.  The Camerons invited me for dessert another night but I just felt like being in the boat house by myself.  Which didn't happen because my cousin came over and wanted to stay a long time.  Well what can you do.  Last night I was hysterical and in no shape to see anyone so I stayed home and didn't answer the phone.

Tonight I'll visit the same cousin because (I can't believe I did this) I offered to take care of her schnauzer while she goes to a funeral in NJ.  What is wrong with me?  She'd found a motel that would take the dog, but no, that wasn't good enough, I had to stick my nose in the whole thing and now I'm stuck with the dog for the weekend.  Honestly I wonder about myself.

We had Sunday dinner last weekend at J&M's, which was nice.  Too much food but it was all delicious.  Next up is Bill, next weekend with a Thanksgiving theme.  My sister will be here then (YAY) so I'm hoping she can join us.  I have to take an appropriate vegetable dish.

Yes, Molly comes next weekend, taking the train from RI to Vt.  All very cool.  I have some things to get done in the boat house before she arrives but there are other things I need her help with.  One more coat of paint on the counters, that shouldn't take long and it's supposed to be sunny and dry this weekend.  It's been so humid that I hated to paint because I hate sticky, tacky surfaces.

I've stayed in the boat house a bit, when it's hot at night.  Saturday I spent the day down there, reading on the dock and on the porch.  The lake was really, really quiet during the day--that was a bonus, but at dinner time everyone with a boat decided to cruise by s l o w l y and look at each camp very carefully.  Oh people, really, is that necessary?

I'm reading a new book, Friendship, by Emily Gould.  It's quite nice.  I have a mountain of books to read but am hoarding them for my August vacation.  I've been listening to books a lot but none seem to be memorable.  It's noise, just noise.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Hot, so very hot

It's been hot all week, I guess this is our annual heat wave.  I doesn't usually happen this early, mostly it comes later in July.  But by has it been hot!  80's and 90's, with very high humidity and 70's at night.  I've stayed in the boat house most nights.  It's much cooler there but is still warm.  I swam last night, briefly, because I kept dozing at 7:00 and wanted to stay awake AT LEAST until 8.  duh.  The water is lovely, not too cold but getting warmer. 

Busy weekend ahead--tonight I'll stop briefly at Linda's, then it's on to get the dogs and go to camp.  Jenica, Justin et al. are coming this afternoon so I'll have dinner with them.  YAY.  Justin is planning to do some work in the boat house (some welcome work) so they'll be here for a couple of days.  Meanwhile I'll check out the cabin that's on the lake to see if anyone's using it, or maybe I'll just stay at home and maybe do some chores.  I really need to mow--it's just too hot to do it now but I think it will be cooler this weekend.

Someone keeps peeing on the floor at home and I still haven't washed the floors so that's another "on my list" item.  It's too humid for that now but should be better soon.  I'll doubtless put in an appearance at the dump--I found out that Dump Man's name is Bob, so I'll see Bob on Sat.

Busy week, lots of good visits with people.  Saw Rush, Annie, Duncan and David for dinner one night.  Saw cousins a couple of other nights and Joe & Martha once.  Stopped at P&J's last night for a quick visit, skipped my usual Tuesday visit to see Duncan & David before David left yesterday.

The lake has been busy with jet-skis and boats.  Many jet-skis.  This is the busiest week of the season so it's no surprise but HONESTLY, do jet-skis have to go round and round and round in front of camps?  And what's up with kayakers who go so close to our dock that they could touch it, at 8:00 at night?  Really?  There was one fisherboy who was convinced the biggest fish in the lake were near the boat house, and he parked himself in his canoe in front of our other cabins each night at the beginning of the week.  While I sat on the porch, near enough to hear him casting and reeling in...rock bass, just rock bass.  I think he gave up, though because he wasn't there last night.  Uh-oh, I may have spoken too soon.

Work has been busy--my co-worker took a couple of days off so I've been busy doing interlibrary loan.  Bless those cute little inmates, they just like to read sooooo much.  We've reached the point where we do more ILL for inmates than we do for patrons of our member libraries, which is not a good thing.

Dogs are fine.  Treasure is convinced each morning that there's something worth investigating/eating on the back porch at camp so she shuts herself in there at 6 a.m.  I suppose I don't discourage this because I rescue her each time.  Well who's the dumb one here?