Tuesday, June 20, 2017

FAT dog

I took the dogs to the vet this afternoon, time for their annual visits.  It was Bear's grand opening at this vet's and he was a big hit.  Very well behaved and charming so he got lots of treats.  Treasure was less enthusiastic about being there and I found out why when she was weighed: she's gained SEVEN pounds in the last year.  Wow, for a 50-pound-dog that is a lot, a whole lot.  I was giving Tess a lot of treats and extra food at the end of her life and I guess I hated to leave Treasure out so she puffed right up.  No more of that!  I'll cut back on her food and give her half a treat instead of a whole one.  She won't notice.

The vet told me of a study that found that Labs are lacking the part of the brain that humans have to let us know when we've had enough to eat and feel full.  HAH, who didn't know that?  These 2 dogs are the piggiest eaters I've ever had but they're wonderful.

Other than the vet visit there's not much to report.  I've been busy and visiting a lot with friends.  Still going to the gym at 6:30 in the mornings with Carol.  Actually we've been walking outside quite a bit, just recently returning to the gym.  We've walked around AuSable and around Carol's driveway, which is near here.  The other day we had a great walk on an old logging road through the woods on Carol's property.  It was wonderful.  Bear joined us and was good about being off the leash.  He stuck around for the most part and came when he was called.

It's been very hot and humid, too hot to do much.  Now it's cooler and less humid but is rainy.  Some real downpours today, a thunderstorm the other day.  I have good friends and one fixed my lawn mower then mowed most of my lawn when it was returned.  Wow, how lucky can a girl get?  I've been waiting to finish the mowing, it was too hot and now it's too rainy.  Thursday is the designated "nice day" this week so hopefully I'll get that taken care of.

I had a nice time in the boat house during the hot days.  Bear loves to swim and has convinced Treasure to go further into the water than she used to.  Sometimes she actually swims but then she acts as if that was a terrible mistake.

Book group is at the boat house on Sunday.  We're reading a Liane Moriarty book about triplets that's enjoyable.  More summer people arrive this week and it will be fun to see them.  MY SISTER comes next week!  That's very exciting.  Our family's annual gathering is on the 1st of July and we're hosting this year so Jenica, Molly and I will be busy.   Not sure how many people we'll feed lunch to but I figure maybe 20-25.  Hard to tell but not a big deal.

Life is good, very good.  I have my flowers, cukes and tomatoes planted and they all look pretty good.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Summer at last

We've had sooooo much rain (I heard recently that we've had 18", double our usual amount) but yesterday and today were marvelous summer (or pre-summer) days.  I spent time sitting on my deck reading in the sun yesterday morning--that's a very favorite pastime.  The black flies were in evidence but the swarming didn't happen.  Deer flies were out, though, and when I did some actual gardening they were biting like mad.  I planted flowers in the ground, weeded a fair amount and transplanted the overbearing globe thistle plant so the snakeroot/cohosh/whatever it is could get more sun and have more room to grow.  That was successful.  I tried to mow the lawn but dinged the deck of the mower getting it out of the shed so the blade won't turn.  Today I dropped it off at a friend's house--he fixed it masterfully for me in the fall and I'm embarrassed to have trouble with it again but maybe he can work his magic again.

Today I went to Plattsburgh--haircut, groceries, liquor store, lunch and bought some dirt.  It IS pretty funny to pay money for dirt but I'm covering the grass-filled area that used to be a garden and am planting some annuals as well as tomatoes and cukes there.  So I buy dirt.

I slept in the boat house last night and it was wonderful.  The moon was incredibly bright.  It was a tad chilly but mostly it was just lovely.  Bear is now mine, the AKC transfer has taken place and his microchip has been re-registered to me.  He is wonderful and is very happy here.  He doesn't roam, not even when he and Treasure are out together.  He didn't much like sleeping in the boat house, yet another change of scene for the poor boy.  He whined a while but once he realized that Treasure was sleeping on the bed he settled down near her.  They get along but she hasn't endorsed him yet.  He is very fond of her and they do run around together a bit.  He's a swimmer (a REAL Lab!) and insisted of cuddling up against me in all his wetness last night in bed, to make sure I didn't sneak out while he wasn't paying attention.

I've left them together in the house unchaperoned for 7 hours at one spell and they were just fine.  I never did crate him, didn't put the crate together and he's been happy and well.  He did get into the back of the car the other day and ate a package of cube steak.  I worried that he had eaten the styrofoam so peroxided him royally and he (poor boy) had to relinquish his special treat.  I later found the styrofoam intact, he didn't eat any of it after all.  Oh well, I was pissed that he ate what was going to be my dinner that night.

Linda's docks have gone in and she had a dock day today while I was in Plattsburgh.  We had porch coffee this morning and that was nice.  I'll head down there in a little while for either docktails or maybe just porchtails if it rains, as it might.

I'm back into the gym routine now that Carol has returned from her vacation.  Man does that feel good!  We meet at 6:30 and treadmill away.  It hasn't really been nice enough to walk outside and we also know that we get better exercise on treadmills than walking.

Life is good.  Summer might come after all.

Monday, May 29, 2017

2 dogs yet again

Yes, I went to see Bear the Big Black Dog and he came home with me on a trial basis.  He is a sweet, sweet thing and is fitting in beautifully here at 58OHR so I think he's found a permanent home.  He seems to love it here (why wouldn't he?  He hopped on the bed the first night and slept all night there).  I was cabling him outside but today he got to go out unchaperoned and he didn't wander or leave the yard.  No, I'm sure that will come later.  I haven't walked him around the neighborhood yet, or taken him to the water.  As far as he knows our world consists of the house, the yard and the car.  He's excellent in the car but insists on sitting in the front seat (that's where Tess always sat).  Treasure does not approve of him much but she's a good girl and hasn't objected too strenuously.  She did growl (quietly) at him twice and pretend-snapped at him once (a snap in slow motion) but mostly she just ignores him and when he gets on the couch she mostly gets down with a heavy sigh.  It will work out.  He is not a brown girl but he is a very nice dog.

This weather is so very tiresome!  It's raining again.  We had a nice day yesterday, sunny and comfortable.  I didn't really take advantage of that.  I did get to the gym with Annie yesterday, then went to visit with the neighbors then went to Plattsburgh to get a collar and ID tag for Bear, then picked up Marylou at the Pbg airport and took her home to Wilmington.  That was all fine.  Bear was an excellent passenger.

Today I went to Fred's for coffee, then Bill, Linda, Fred and I went out for breakfast and had a really nice time.  I love going out for breakfast.  Don't bother ordering the pancakes at the former Pancake Haven in Wilmington, but the eggs are consistently good and L. reports that the sausage gravy is tasty.

I did what I rarely do this afternoon: I napped.  A long, deep sleep.  Wow that was something, but what else could I do on a rainy day like this?  Tomorrow I absolutely have to clean my house, and hopefully will do some planting in the morning.  I have to drag the mower out of the shed and at least start to think about mowing the lawn.  It's not very long yet, fortunately.

Tonight is dinner with Annie, her brother and his wife.  That will be nice.  I think tomorrow I'll hit the gym  with Annie in the morning, then I will be productive oh yes I will.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nattering at night

I'm up at 11:00, went to sleep earlier but woke and now am perky and full of (not-quite) energy.  OK, not perky, either, but wide awake.

The black flies are bad this year, even this early.  I remember years ago when they were so thick you really couldn't be outside, even to walk to your car, and they're not that bad yet but man are they thick and hungry.  I did some outside planting today and had to take breaks to come in for relief.  We had some very hot days last week (wow, was that just last week?  seems long ago) and that really revved them up.  It's cool in the morning and they're not too bad (maybe).

I have a busy morning, meeting Carol to walk at 6:30, phone call to my mother after that, then coffee with Linda and Fred, then my friend the potter is coming to pick up a couple of bicycles so she can use the gears for an art project in Plattsburgh.  I have 3 bicycles in my shed--1 was my sister's when she lived in Colorado in the 70's, 2 are more than 25 years old and were hardly ever used.  Boy wouldn't it be nice to get rid of them, or at least one of them!  We'll see.

I called my dog breeder today, which took courage.  I wanted to know if she has any dogs to place and yes, indeed she does.  She has a 3-year-old black male she needs to find a home for, plus she has a litter of pups born today.  I don't really want a male and I don't really want a puppy so I'm wondering.  I'm going to meet the male on Saturday afternoon.  I won't know if I want this dog until I get to know him so I need to RELAX about the whole thing.  As soon as I hung up the phone I started to cry--no, I don't want a different dog, male or female, I want my brown dog back.  Too bad for me.  That does NOT mean it's too soon to get another dog, it just means I miss Tess.  Treasure and I are doing well but we tend to cling to each other.

I was thinking of sleeping in the boat house tonight but it's chilly so I stayed home.  I think I'll sleep there tomorrow night, that would be nice.  The woods are intensely green, a very bright green, one of my favorite things.  The far shore practically glows.

Going to Plattsburgh tomorrow, have errands to run and may meet Julie in the afternoon.  or not meet her, she doesn't know what she's doing.  I'm going to town anyway, have to pick up meds and get DEET, lots and lots of DEET.  Plus more geraniums.  I've been plant shopping 3 times so far and have all I need for my deck but I still need a few more geraniums for the cemetery.  3 for my father, 3 for my brother, 2 for my grandparents and 2 for my favorite cousin.  I hogged some of the ones I already bought for my deck planters.

Life is good.  I'm slowly adjusting to summer pace with summer friends.  Better speed up the process--all hell breaks loose this weekend. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Springing fast

Wow what a difference 2 days make.  I spent yesterday in the 1000 Islands region with Julie.  It was gorgeous there, the hotel was right on the St. Lawrence and we had a lovely little balcony overlooking the river.  I had my morning coffee on the balcony yesterday, then went to the fitness center and did 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I would have done more (wuddashuddacuda) but I couldn't get the TV on the treadmill to work right so I got bored.

I went to the meeting and 2 presentations but did I really care?  Is it possible to remove yourself completely from a profession you were proudly a member of for almost 40 years?  Apparently.  Or else maybe I'm just so self-centered that I'm not interested in anything that doesn't relate to or have to do with me.  At any rate it was an OK day and I saw some good people, it was nice to see them.  We had and OK drive there and back but it's 3 1/2 hours no matter which way you go.

Treasure boarded well and was happy to see me.  I wondered if she expected to find Tess at the kennel but who knows what dogs think and she was fine.  I asked Deb (kennel owner and dog breeder) if Treasure was, perhaps a little fat: YES she said without hesitation.  I realize I've been over-feeding her especially with doggie junk food because I was trying to get Tess to eat and you can't feed one dog without feeding the other, right?  Anyway now poor Treasure has to deal with dietary restrictions.  This will not be easy.

Today I met Carol in AuSable at 6:45 and we had a really nice walk around town.  It's warm (too warm, at 81) so we walked outside.  Tomorrow we'll go back to the treadmills if it's as cool as predicted.  I took some things to Linda's this morning.  She arrives this afternoon.  YIKES.  This afternoon I think I'll go to the boat house, put the furniture on the porch then sit there in the cool breeze off the lake and maybe read a while.  or nap.  I was up at 4 this morning, felt troubled and couldn't sleep.

Busy time here, this weekend.  There will be much greeting and happy times.  To celebrate we have leaves on trees.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Long week

It's been a hard week.  Tess' cough was terrible and getting worse so I took her to the vet on Weds.  He xrayed her lungs and found a large mass so I had her put to sleep.  It wasn't  hard decision, she clearly was suffering.  It was a hard thing to do but it's such a peaceful procedure and the vet is a compassionate and gentle man so it was I suppose as easy as it could be.  Anyway it's over.  I'm cried out (well, almost) and moving on.  What does Treasure think?  who knows what dogs think but she stays pretty close to me and stares at me ALL the time.  I've been giving her lots of affection and attention.  We're a good team I think and I do know that all will be fine.  I don't know when or if I'll get another dog.  I may contact my breeder to see if she has any adult dogs she's looking to place--that's how I got Treasure, and Chances Are.  I've had 4 of her dogs, all sweet.

So that was last week.  The weekend was all right.  I went to the gym twice--Carol was out of town so I went by myself but there were people there I knew so time didn't drag (too much).  I had lunch with Barb on Friday, she's a great comfort to me so that was good.  Saturday I had coffee and a long visit with Julie.  Tomorrow Julie and I are going to the 1000 Islands for an overnight.  We'll have a good time together and doubtless it will be an adventure of sorts.  It's a library thing.  I don't belong at library things any more.

Today I went to the dump and had to tell Bob the Dump Man that I only need one biscuit for my dog, not two any more.  He was sweet, gave Treasure an extra one and told me how sorry he was for my loss.  People are good.

The weather has been rotten but right now it's 59 and the sun is out.  We've had cold and rain for a long time but it's due to warm up this week.  This is a big week in Hawkeye, summer people start arriving on Thursday.  Soon enough it will be Memorial Day weekend an then all hell will break loose.

I have a pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks at my feeder, a trio actually, 2 males and a female.  That's pretty cool.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

BIG feet, REALLY BIG feet

This is what the snowshoe hares look like these days.  They're really called varying hares because they change their colors with the seasons, but we call them snowshoes because, really, look at the size of that hind foot!

Treasure remains unimpressed, however.  She chases the bun-buns but never even gets close.  Turns out those huge feet make for massive speed.