Monday, November 12, 2018

SNOW! But just a little bit

We didn't get as much snow as I expected, only ended up with a couple of inches.  Of course it's still here, didn't melt...

I had a good weekend, worked at the thrift store for a couple of hours on Saturday morning.  They needed me in books so I didn't work in receiving, books are much easier to deal with and a lot less tiring.

Went to the dump Saturday afternoon.  It was really windy and snowy a bit.  Some friends were here to take out their dock, they got that done without my help (yay) and we went out for dinner that night in Saranac Lake at the Hotel.  My friends spent the night there instead of their unheated, waterless cabin in the cold.  We had a good dinner and nice visit.  I had a long dark ride home in blowing snow but it wasn't a problem.  I have a good car (Crosstrek) with snow tires.  And a CLEAN Crosstrek too!

Sunday was quiet, I walked with my friend in the morning but the dogs took off on the way home.  BAD DOGS!  My friend found them on her way home, down the hardtop more than a mile away.  We walked the bog again today but I put Treasure on a leash on the way out.  Boy was Bear sad about that.  He doesn't seem to take off from our walks unless she tempts him.

Today is Veterans Day--no mail.  I wrote a letter to my dear niece who is now a Doctor, doing research in Bozeman.  Talked to my mother for a long time, she was very very chatty.  I went to a farm stand, got delicious Fuji apples, carrots, got cider at another stop and picked up a few low-point and pointless vegetables.  Man, Weight Watchers is killing me.  I have so much trouble staying within my daily points!  Tonight's dinner will be scrambled eggs=zero points.

It's 36 degrees outside and there was some sunshine so my living room is HOT, too hot at 73.  I do not like it that hot.  It's much like winter here now, snowy ground and dark afternoons.  Well what do I expect?

Friday, November 09, 2018

SNOW!!!! Heavy snow!

It's snowing hard and adding up.  Predictions had it starting at 3:00 and guess what time it started snowing?  Just before 3.  How do they do that?

I was up during the night, decided to be productive as long as I was up so did 2 loads of laundry at my friends' house, bringing them home to dry here.  Did dishes.  Brought in firewood.  Dumped some deck pots (those that weren't frozen) and brought the rest inside to thaw.  Cleared the deck.  YAY cleared the deck.  I walked with friends at 7:30, that was nice at 30 degrees.  I like 30 degrees, it's not too cold for me.

We ended up meeting in Lake Placid for lunch, that was really nice.  I ran some errands, did some shopping (hello dog food and dog biscuits) and met up with my friends at the Pub.  Nice time, very nice time. 

Now I'm home in front of a nice fire in the stove, watching it snow knowing I'll have to go out for more wood even though I have plenty in right now.  I'll go out for more when I go out for the mail in an hour or so.  Predictions are for us to get 3-6 inches.  I'll take 3, thank you.  But I have new snow tires on my car and I don't really HAVE to go anywhere tomorrow.  I feel I should show up at the thrift store tomorrow so will try to get there if the roads aren't bad.

Now I've put away the laundry, oh I love clean clothes.  I have to take apart the bookcase in the bedroom and replace it with the new one I bought but that just doesn't sound like fun right now.  Instead I'll watch dumb TV and maybe go to sleep.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Busy busy busy

I worked THREE mornings this week, last week as well.  OMG that's almost like working full-time (not, so much not).  We finished up the project with the schoolkids and it turned out well, the kids were excited and interested and engaged so it was a success.  I can't take credit, I just furnished the materials, the ideas and follow-through were done by others. 

I finally FINALLY got my car detailed.  What a disgusting mess it was, but now it's nice and sparkling clean.  Cost a fortune but had to be done.  Now I have to put on the seat covers and take better care of the poor car.  I really like the Crosstrek, I've been driving my friend's Impreza for the last 2 days--my previous car was an Impreza and I didn't like it much but it was fun to drive a car closer to the ground, I felt very sporty.  But boy am I happy to have my car back.

I have a long list of tasks to accomplish both indoors and outdoors.  Too many things to get done in just one day.  or two.  I'm not good at accomplishing tasks, mostly.  I still haven't emptied the deck but I did get a start on it.  It's supposed to snow this weekend, starting tomorrow night I think.  Many inches are expected in higher elevations, which usually includes us.  But wait, maybe it will turn to rain.  or sleet.  So I'm guessing we don't really know what will happen.

I have friends coming to their camp for the weekend to take out their dock.  Man that sounds like a miserable job but I offered to help.  I'm working at the thrift store Sat. morning but may help them in the afternoon (or not).

I haven't been walking, my walking partner has been busy with other things (she still works full-time).  We are planning a walk tomorrow morning and that will be good.  I did walk half a mile to the hardtop this afternoon to meet the friend who took me to Plattsburgh to retrieve my car.  Not much but something.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Rain and more rain (good for the well)

We're in the middle of a rainy spell, seems to rain every day and all night.   That is OK with me, water from the sky makes its way to my well eventually (or so I like to think).  No, not really, I know the water in my well comes from the vein underground.  This year was the year of spray foam insulation, I'm hoping next year will be the year of the well.  We'll see how things go.  It's the one thing everyone nags me about ("You should have a well drilled"), but who has thousands of dollars handy?  (Oh I know there are people who do, I'm just not one of them)

It's another middle-of-the-night postings.  I got some good sound sleep for a few hours but woke up at 1 with 2 antsy dogs and decided to get up.  Yes, the dogs get a snack and then get to go outside in the rain but then they collapse into a deep sleep, lucky buggers.  I'll no doubt be asleep soon.  I don't have to be at the thrift store until 9 so I'll get some more sleep.  I'm looking forward to earlier sunrise after tomorrow, I like having light in the early morning.  I used to stay in bed until the last possible minute when I worked, now I get up at least an hour earlier than I need to be anywhere.  I like having a quiet time.  as quiet as it can be with 2 bouncy black dogs.

I got new shoes for my car, snow shoes!  I spent much of yesterday in Plattsburgh--got the tires and had them installed while I waited, then ran a few errands before coming home.  Next week it's back to Plattsburgh to have the poor car detailed and ionized.  When my friend and I have our morning coffee at Stewarts we look at the displays--aspirin, candy, condoms and of course air fresheners in a number of scents.  We were intrigued by the "Black Ice" scent so when I bought my car my friend gave me a Black Ice dangler for my new car.  It finally came in handy this week--VERY handy and is pretty good at masking the Odoban/dog poop smell that has saturated the seats. 

It' supposed to be ("supposed to be") sunny and 40 tomorrow and I have high hopes for finishing my outdoor chores.  Have to get these things done!   Put the mower in the shed, empty the flower pots and put away the deck furniture then finish the boat house closing. 

The birds are eating a feederful every day, mostly chickadees but nuthatches and a few finches as well.  Woodpeckers are chowing down on the suet, blue jays are trying to grab anything they can.  Red squirrels gnaw on the suet but they don't seem to really enjoy eating fat.  Who can blame them?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Middle of the night

Or early morning, whichever you choose.  I woke at 2 a.m. and finally just got up at 2:30.  The dogs were pleased, they seem to think a snack and trip outside are appropriate for this time.  I'm a sucker and eager to please so they get what they request.  Some of the time.

I'm all fussed about the car, I've tried everything to clean the backseat with no success so I have an appointment to have it detailed.  This is really embarrassing, the car is disgusting and I hate to have anyone have to deal with it.  Then I remind myself that they've probably seen worse and had to deal with more disgusting things.  But still... I hate to be the one to make people deal with unpleasant things.  But still.. it's what they do for a living.

I'm watching The Baroness von Sketch Show, which is very funny VERY funny women's humor, short vignettes by a women's comedy troupe.  Some of these make me laugh out loud.

A group of us had lunch in Plattsburgh to celebrate Pat's 79th birthday.  79!  Wow, next year she'll turn 80, amazing.  Of course that used to seem so old but now, oh no, it's not old at all, we'll all soon be in our 70's then 80's.  We had a good time, there were 8 of us so it was festive.

Our weather was nice yesterday, supposed to be even nicer today with maybe even some sunshine.  That would be pleasant.  It was in the 40's and drizzly but actually quite a nice day.  I went to the dump in the morning before driving to Plattsburgh for lunch.  There is still some color in the woods, the beeches and birches, aspens still have darkish gold leaves.  They're clinging to their leaves all right, it's almost November and we still have a nice bit of brightness out there.  Of course it's snowing right now but we're not supposed to have much.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

A week? really?

Didn't realize it had been so long.  Maybe I had a busy week.  but probably not.

I had to go to Plattsburgh Monday, then to a meeting in Keene that evening before dinner with friends who were here for the weekend.  A lot of driving.  Tuesday was a work day and that was fine.  Wednesday I spent a few hours at the thrift store, got to do bagging instead of receiving because they needed help out front.  Nice work, bagging--the only decision you have to make is what size bag (or maybe a box?) to put things in as they're paid for.  I love it.

The dogs ran off one afternoon and were gone long enough to find someone else's food to eat.  It was better food than they usually get, or at least richer food because on Thursday SOMEONE (hello Bear) had explosive diarrhea in the car.  What a spectacular mess.  A real shitstorm.  Oh what a disgusting thing that was and the car still stinks because it's all over the seatbelt, carpet, seat, dashboard, etc.  I did some cleaning but it was all frozen so too tough to get everything cleaned.  It still stinks only now it smells like poopy Odoban.  I'll take the car in to be detailed as soon as I can. 

Yesterday was a day at home and a pretty productive one.  I did a ton of laundry, I closed the boat house, I tidied up a bit in prep for book group, which I'm hosting tomorrow night.  I put plastic on one window (two more to go).  I dumped some deck pots and did a little clearing of the deck.  Of course the dirt in the pots is frozen so I have to bring them in a couple at a time to thaw out.  I love me.  I pretty much have to do this every year because I don't get the pots dumped early enough.

Today I walked with friends this morning then went to the thrift store.  I only stayed a couple of hours, receiving was well staffed and I didn't feel like staying.  It's been snowing here for 3 hours but it's only just starting to stick.  This is supposed to be a huge and complicated storm with sleet, rain, ice, snow, a wintry mix.  They like that term, the weather people, a wintry mix.  It's pretty windy but not what was really predicted yet.  Maybe later.

Tomorrow I'm making dinner for book group although book group consists of 3 of us in the winter season.  That's OK, we have a nice time and sometimes even talk about the book.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

It got cold and we survived

It even snowed, just a dusting and it's long gone now.  Today it's 50, sunny but windy.

I had planned to volunteer at the thrift store today but on the way home from our bog walk this morning the dogs ran off.  They were gone for 1 1/2 hours before my friend called from her house FOUR MILES away to tell me that the dogs were there.  They've never been inside her house and have only been there in the car, never been out of the car there.  Did they know it was her house?  or did they just get lucky?  or what?   I didn't know whether to laugh or cry--she lives on top of a mountain down the road from the hardtop at the end of my road.  Did they follow the power line?  Did they run down the road, which is so so dangerous it makes me crazy?  I just don't know what to think but am struggling with this.  I guess the solution is to always have a leash and put one of them on a leash on the way back from any walk.  BAD dogs BAD BAD dogs.  Poor Treasure is exhausted but Bear sill has plenty of energy.  Oh this is a big problem.

Other than that I'm fine.  I had a good enough week but went all the way to Plattsburgh yesterday to get meds which were "not ready until Monday" at the pharmacy.  Pissed me off but I did get some errands done so it wasn't a totally wasted trip.  Just partly.

So what will I do today?  Hopefully I'll get off the couch and put plastic on the windows at the back of the house.  Go to the dump.   Go to the bank.  Be productive.  I'm exhausted emotionally though.  A tracking collar would only work if I had cell reception at home.  The nearest hot spot is miles away.

I put up the suet feeder for the woodpeckers who keep hanging around and I filled the birdfeeder.  Chickadees, finches, blue jays, nuthatches.  Friends are here with company this weekend.  There were 5 of us walking yesterday morning but only 2 today.

Meeting of the historical society in Keene on Monday followed by dinner with friends.  Otherwise a quiet week I think.  But then I always think that and it doesn't turn out that way.