Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ahhhh, much better picture of the November mtn.  This was yesterday, Veterans Day, when the temp was in the 50's and it was sunny and wonderful.  This is a slightly different view, it's from the HTC boat house instead of our boat house.  Beautiful from any site.
I had a grand time yesterday, day off.  Finished outdoor chores, walked to the HTC boat house to take pictures of the new roof for Duncan & JK, enjoyed the whole thing.  The dogs took off but weren't gone long.  I cabled Tess for most of the day so I could leave the door open.  How nice!  Two chickadees flew into the house but I managed to herd them out the window upstairs.  They really are sweet birds, let me get so close to them.  I started feeding the birds again over the weekend and within an hour there were chickadees, blue jays and a woodpecker at the feeder.  Hungry little boogers they all are.
It's colder today but nothing like what's happening in the Midwest.  Boy do I feel sorry for those people!  We have no snow and it's not likely we'll have any anytime soon.  It will be chilly but in the 30's, which I never really think is cause to complain.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

November mtn.

It's not really monocromatic, there is green there.  It's as cold as it looks

Cold weekend

Well, can't really call it cold because it was above freezing, but it was cloudy, windy and in the 30's both days.  I spent a lot of time yesterday driving, which seems to be turning into my favorite weekend activity.  I drove to the farmstand with great apples and got some great apples, then I drove to the farmstand with good cider and bought some good cider.  The dogs are always eager to go in the car but unless I drive very slowly with the windows down they don't seem to do much.  Treasure sleeps and Tess stands between the front seats and looks out the windshield.  I have no idea how much she sees but she does respond to things like turkeys and squirrels.

I had dinner with Annie and her brother + his wife last night.  It was a cold walk down, which made me feel woefully inadequate to deal with impending winter.  Get use to it, Toots, it's here to stay.  Anyway it was a nice evening and pleasant walk home in the dark.

Today I did a few chores, went to P&J's for a nice visit, then walked to camp with the dogs to shut off the power there.  Of course they didn't come home with me, they ran off.  Treasure soon returned but Tess found a huge crowd at the bog and spent an hour or so with them.  Right now she's on the deck barking non-stop at what?  The dark I guess.  It's high entertainment for her.

This week looks good--until Weds. night.  I have Tuesday off and it's supposed to be 50 so I'll finish up my outdoor chores, then plan to go to Pat's & help her take in her garden stuff.  I have some more flower pots to empty and bring inside and have to put away my chair--the last vestige of summer.  I started feeding the birds today, filled the bird feeder this afternoon and within an hour there were chickadees, blue jays and woodpeckers hanging out there.  That was nice.

It's due to be much colder at the end of the week.  My stove is behaving well but I'm eager to have the stovepipe cleaned on Thursday afternoon.  The house is warm right now without the heat, just the stove going.

All is well in Hawkeye.  The lake looks cold and unforgiving.  There's snow on Catamount, on Duncan and Whiteface plus of course the High Peaks.  

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The last bit of color in Hawkeye--I took this picture over the weekend.  Yes, we had snow, but no, it wasn't much and it's gone now.
The dogs don't care for setting the clocks back because it's nearly dark when I get home so they think I'm late.  They don't seem to notice how light it is when we get up.  Dumb dogs.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Nice stove

Cold and wet outside but my living room is warm.  Boy I do like my new stove, but it smokes right now.  I'm having stovepipe cleaned next week and sure hope that will take care of it.  Once I get the fire going it's great but it's hard to get it going and it smokes like a chimney in the house.  It's ticking away merrily now and that's what counts.

Went to the dump today, then took a nice long drive with the dogs.  This seems to be my big entertainment.  I had to buy more apples because the dogs ate the ones I got last week while I was at P&J's last night.  Rat pigs.

I pulled up the kitchen rug today which was on my list of MUST DO'S.  It stinks because Tess peed on it a bunch of times and it can't be cleaned so out it goes.  The kitchen floor is red oak on the diagonal but the wood is in terrible shape and needs to be sanded and treated, plus there are huge gaps between boards.  Almost all of the wood in this house (and there's a lot of it) came from our sawmill so was air-dried not kiln dried.  This means the boards expand and contract all the time and there are big gaps in nearly every room.  The maple in the bedroom is a mess and I'd like too paint the floor but can't figure out what to do with the bed.  Well that's a big project.  I painted the living room floor many years ago with Lin's help.  It should be painted again but boy that was something, to move all the living room furniture onto the deck and hope it didn't rain.

I'm excited about having time to do work on the house in January.  I have to be back here around the 6th so will start my retired life then.  I'm going to RI for Thanksgiving, leaving Tuesday and returning Sunday/  I retire on Dec. 19 and will go to RI after that for Christmas.  Christmas will be here before I know it so I should be making baskets instead of writing this.

We have book group Thanksgiving this month but I don't know when that is so I need to call M'lou to get details.  We have grand Thanksgivings together.  We've been a group for more than 10 years.

It's pretty dark now, at 6:00, which will be 5:00 tomorrow.  It was pitch black at 6 this morning and I'm looking forward to having more light in the morning.  Doesn't bother me to have it be dark earlier at night, I prefer good morning light.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pretty as a picture on 10/28/2014

I had a day off yesterday and it was grand, just grand.  I finished all the closing camp chores then wen to the dump and took a long way home.  A LOOOOONG way home.  I drove slowly so the dogs could stick their heads out the windows and enjoy the trip as much as I did.  They were exhausted when we got home.
This is what the lake looks like these days--no color but pretty anyway.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sisters.  They like being together.  They share the chair a lot of the time, even when they don't need to stay warm because it's winter.  We had a good weekend but I wasn't terribly productive.  Spent too much time on the couch, reading and watching TV.  What did I watch?  I can't really remember except I watched PBS cooking shows on Saturday.  And the movie Rush on Sunday, which is about grand prix auto racing.  I had a friend in college who was a huge fan of racing so I got interested in it.  Once we went to Lime Rock in Conn. to watch Paul Newman race.  That was fun.
And they like being with me.  This couch isn't as wide as my old couch was but we manage to fit like peas in a pod.  They take turns being "in front."  Sometimes they just lie on top of each other.  They're good girls, that's for sure.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday post

It's payday Friday so everyone is in a pretty good mood.  I'd be in a better mood if I didn't have to make mortgage, car and insurance payments all at once, but that's life as an adult, isn't it.

It's rainy and cool but not yet cold here, so is just fine.  I haven't been having fires--mostly because the stove is misbehaving and needs a cleaner stovepipe (I have an appointment next month for that).  House is cool but not bad and the dogs tend to lie on top of me in the evening on the couch so that sure keeps me warm.

I just had a long meeting with my colleagues about what will happen to the work I do here, who will do what and what won't be done.  It's still amazing to me that I'm leaving.  I'm excited and really looking forward to retirement but it's unbelievable that I will no longer be an employee of CEFLS after Dec. 19.  Mostly I feel that can't come soon enough but then I have my moments of "What will I be if I'm not a librarian?"  Pretty much in the mornings, getting ready for work I know that I'm totally ready to stay home.  How do I feel when I get to work?  Mostly I look forward to have a desk that's cleared off and having found someone else to do my job.

Tonight I'm going to hear a live band, which I probably haven't done since going to concerts many years ago.  More than 10 years, I think, I think the last one I went to was a Jackson Browne concert in Burlington with my friends when they were newly pregnant with their now-11 year old son.  Yikes.  What have I been doing for entertainment?  Anyway, in this band is the son of friends, who is coming from Brooklyn to play at a venue here.  A small venue in Upper Jay.  We'll go out for dinner first, and it occurs to me that the friends will want to stay until the bitter end of the performance, way past my bedtime no doubt.  Well, I said I'd go and I am looking forward to being with the friends.  I'm sure the band is good so that will be nice.  I have no idea what kind of music they play.

It's been a quiet week for me.  I had a consultant visit on Tuesday, to the AuSable Forks library and that went well.  There's a new director, a retired school librarian I've known for more than 20 years so that made it nice.  I like going into that library because it's full of Rogers Company things.  We talked about what library I'll "join" when I retire.  It probably won't be that one...for a number of reasons.  I've already had offers to volunteer at 3 libraries and that makes me feel well-liked and appreciated.  Will I do that?  maybe, maybe.

Dogs are fine.  I didn't walk them as much this week as I wanted to because I got home late a few times.  We walk to the mailbox and they run, run, run, especially Treasure.  Tess has that old dog run but Treasure has a fluid, maxed-out running style.  She's beautiful.

No big plans for the weekend.  I need to buy a new rug for the kitchen so may come back to town tomorrow.  or not.  Do I get bored on weekends?  Sometimes, but there is always something to do at home.  I have yet to empty the fridge at camp so hope to get that taken care of this weekend.  I'll need to do that before going to the dump.  Not much else going on.