Friday, July 06, 2018

Cool at last

Temp right now at 2:30 p.m. is 69, wow does that feel amazing.  I slept in the boat house last night, it was hot when I went to sleep but I slept really well and it cooled off during the night.  We had some rain and thunder and that was a relief (I don't have to water my deck plants).  I should be mowing the lawn, it's a good day for it but instead I'm watching an Eric Clapton concert I've seen before.  I can't help it, I just love that man's music!   Watching him live is like magic.

I went to AuSable this morning, got groceries and supplies for book group, which I'm hosting on Sunday at the boat house.  Nothing fancy or complicated that's for sure.

I've been busy making lists today, assigning myself tasks for each of the next few days and pretending that will make me efficient and productive.  It never really works but I don't give up.  I have to clean my house, mostly the upstairs because my sister is coming (MY SISTER IS COMING!!! how great is that!) and it's a good reason to do some cleaning that I've been putting off.  I don't like cleaning the shower.  Does anybody?  There's dog hair all over the place in my house, both dogs have been shedding. 

I've had some really really nice swimming times with Linda, we use her noodles to paddle out away from shore then float and chat and visit.  What a lovely thing that is.  The water was 82 degrees yesterday, though, which is warmer than I can ever remember and not very refreshing but still lovely for swimming.  The heat has just been awful and everyone is worn out from it.

Busy times coming up--road cleanup tomorrow morning with the shoreowners' association, a trip to the dump for me, a meeting of the association in the afternoon.  Sunday I'll host book group.  Monday I go to Plattsburgh for a car appointment and taking care of some errands.  Tuesday morning I'll go to work then in the afternoon I'll head to Montreal to pick up my sister.  After that it's all gravy.  We'll be here until Sunday, Saturday is our big family meeting then we'll go to my mother's in RI for a week or so.  The weather here is supposed to be good while we're here, 80's and mostly sunny I think.  Camp will be full of cousins but we'll stay in the boat house and mind our own business.

It's a pretty day, some sun, some clouds and a nice breeze.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

BREAK! in the heat

It's 60 this morning, boy does that feel cool.  Our heat has been incredible, 90's, humid and sunny.  The lake was absolutely beautiful yesterday.  I worked in the morning in the Archives then went to the boat house for a while in the afternoon, read on the porch and enjoyed limited boat traffic and a gentle breeze.  Really lovely.  If I had a dock in...   well I refuse to live my life wishing for things that aren't, so no, I don't have a dock and swimming is difficult without one so I don't swim.  I am extremely lucky to have a nice screened in porch with comfortable seating overlooking the lake and the mountains.  LUCKY.

I went out for ice cream with a friend last night.  This has become a regular trip and that's OK, I'm weaning myself from hot fudge sundaes and having things with fewer calories and fat.

Had a lovely evening with friends the other night, Rib Night at their camp.  These are friends who come from far away to open their camp each summer, all men who remind me so much of my brother and his friends from high school.  Henry used to really enjoy being with his friends, and these men are like that.  Much, much laughter and good times.

Today I'm walking with friends then having coffee on the boat house porch.  I'll go to the thrift store for a couple of hours, I'm taking the rest of the month off so feel I should show up.  I don't really want to go but won't stay long and it's something I have agreed to do.  There are more volunteers working there these days so I don't feel bad taking time off.  It was busy on Saturday, many shoppers and not too many dropping off stuff, with many workers.  Hopefully today will be like that too.

My sister comes next week!  That will be nice, very nice.  We'll be here for a few days, go to the family's annual meeting and on Sunday we'll drive to RI for a week with my mother.  I'm looking forward to it all, I truly enjoy being with my sister and always enjoy visiting with my mother.

Life is good.  VERY good.  I have peppers on the pepper plant someone gave me, I have blossoms on tomato plants and many blossoms on my cucumber plants.  Now if we can only get these blossoms to mature into edibles that would be a miracle.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Hot and getting hotter

It's 74 at 10:30 today and due to be a lot hotter as the day progresses.  They're getting a lot of mileage out of the forecasts these days, it might hit 100 on Sunday.  or not.  I doubt it will be that hot here in Hawkeye, we're usually 5 degrees cooler than the Champlain Valley, which is where most of the forecasting is done.  But still...that's mighty warm and I guess this "warm spell" is supposed to last well into next week and maybe beyond.

We had a nice rainy day yesterday, I liked that because it meant my plants all got good soakings.  I've got some tomato plants that were given to me, some are in pots and some are in the ground and they're doing well, have lots of blossoms.  I also have one pepper plant with peppers on it, that's different for me, I don't usually grow peppers but someone gave me the plant.  My flowers are doing well but are in need of deadheading.  I'll try to do that today.  Other things I'll try to do today: clean my shower and the upstairs bathroom (yuck), take stuff down to the boat house and swim the dogs while I'm there, tidy up the boat house a little bit, rearrange the fridge there so there will be room for other people's food.  Jenica and her family are coming tomorrow so that will be nice.  Lot's of library talk maybe, Jen and I like talking to each other about our chosen profession.  I will probably sleep in the boat house tonight especially if it's as hot as threatened.

I've had a good few days.  Went to work yesterday, that was fine.  We scanned family photos from 1901-1905 and they reminded me of the Rogers family images.  That was kind of sweet. 

Last night I went to the Beach House for dinner with friends, more friends showed up while we were there.  It was as it always is, food is OK, beer is good, people are nice.  Let the season begin!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Midnight musings

Well, if you go to bed at 8 sometimes you are wide awake at 11:30.  So you have a nice nap then have a cup of coffee and watch late night TV.  Poor Bear, he can't go out until Treasure comes back and she has no interest in doing that, apparently.  She barked and disappeared.  I don't like having them out at night like that.

The weather has been wonderful, my favorite days at 70 and sunny, clear and cloudless.  I got to spend some time reading on my deck, an all-time favorite thing.  I mowed the lawn but didn't weed or do the trimming but there's always another day.  We're expecting very very hot weather this weekend and beyond, temps in the 90's elsewhere.  That means we'll be in the 80's and maybe the 90's but worse than that is the anticipated humidity.  Ugh, my least favorite.  I used up my tolerance for hot and humid during my formative years in northern Illinois.  At least here I have the boat house.  It's usually cooler there but if there's no breeze it's hot there too.  I don't complain.  much.

Work is good.  I have a lot of catching up to do, we've scanned many images that need editing but I haven't been able to convert them to jpg until now (no Internet in the Archives, how frustrating).  I got a lot done today but it was boring stuff, the entire Memorial Day parade from 1976 and many incarnations of Gilbert & Sullivan shows by community theater groups in the 1930's, 50's and 80's.  No, really, MANY incarnations.

Friends have arrived down the hill from my house.  They have an annual "Workfest" to open their camp and enjoy being friends.  They called tonight to invite me for pie but nooooo, I said I had to go to bed.  That was the wrong decision.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday afternoon

My sister often says on a Sunday morning "I'm glad I don't have to go to church today."  We used to dress up all fancy-like, anklets (until nylon stockings), nice shoes, good dresses and of course something on our heads--a requirement in the high-church that was Emmanuel Episcopal in those days.  We sang in the choir, we taught Sunday school, we were members of the Youth Group, man we did it all.  Then it all came to a grinding halt when we left home.  I realized that organized religion was not something I wanted to be part of, and the church I had invested so much emotion, time and energy in was not representing my true self or my spiritual needs AT ALL.  The part that really got me was "we are not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs under Thy table."  I didn't need any more proof that I was not worthy.  Anyway, now I'm an atheist and I don't struggle with any of it.

I've had a peaceful day so far, I woke at dawn (4:30) but stayed in bed frustrating the dogs until 6:30.  Did NOT go for a walk or even really entertain them but instead went to AuSable for supplies and gas.  Went to see the neighbors, then went to Linda's to help her open her upper camp.  She has company coming this week.  I didn't really do much but it's so much nicer and easier to do those chores with help.

I'm having friends come for snacks and wine to the boat house porch in a couple of hours.  It's not the nicest day weather-wise but it's always pretty there no matter what's happening. 

I had a busy day yesterday, started with a walk to camp to swim the dogs.  I went to breakfast with friends then came home for a bit before driving to Keene to visit with a recently-retired friend who is having some trouble adjusting to the huge, HUGE change that retirement is.  Came home then went to dinner with friends, to a newly opened bar/restaurant.  That wasn't a very good idea.  It was loud and the food wasn't very good--but we had to at least TRY it.  We've scratched that itch.

Looks like a pretty quiet week ahead for me.  Appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow in Saranac Lake after a quick trip to the dump.  Work, thrift store, hot weather coming.  Next week is the 4th of July.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Early morning bog

I finally took my camera for a morning bog walk.  Here's what it was like at 6 a.m., 50 degrees, sunny and still:
 Cinnamon ferns in bloom--I love these, they look prehistoric when they're at their peak
 Bunchberries blooming in a bunch
 Bear, or is it Treasure?  Anyway, a black bog dog
 Definitely Bear, this is the view I usually get--Bear walks in front, Treasure (always a lady) walks at my feet, just behind me.
 Bear is a Handsome Boy, isn't he?
My favorite fern, whose name I can't remember.  Something like Victoria or some other queen's name.  There's only one example along the boardwalk.

Middle of the night musings

Well when you go to sleep early sometimes you wake up well-rested in the middle of the night, craving a cup of coffee to watch a British police show.  The Brits have much more peaceful police shows than we Americans do--no violence, no gore, just a dead body and lots of people figuring out who killed the victim.

It's a nice cool night, too cool for me to sleep in the boat house, comfortable here at home.  We had some very hot, muggy days then all hell broke loose and there were storms while a front came through and now it's clear and cooler.  Quite pleasant.

I went to a retirement luncheon on Monday in Champlain.  Takes a long time to drive to Champlain from here!  It was a nice time, I saw some people I've known for many many years, all library people but we didn't talk about libraries the whole time.  That was nice.  This is an interesting group of people who all have good stories to tell--the director of the library on the reservation, another director who has a gardening/landscaping business on the side, the hostess whose house is on Lake Champlain and has a Lab named Hershey, my former director (who said I was sometimes a pain in the ass but she loved me--to which I replied "You weren't always charming yourself"--I can say things like that, she's not my boss any more), some people I was less than interested in seeing (and didn't have to spend much time with), and many others.  It was a nice time I guess.

Wednesday is a thrift store day, I'll only stay a couple of hours.  Cannot do the entire 5 hours that the store is open, I never had a job in which I was on my feet so I find it quite tiring.  Not to mention being charming while being on my feet.  I do get tired of being charming to strangers but it's something I seem to do well.  Thank you to my father for teaching me that.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Oh what a beautiful morning

When I was in 5th grade we had a teacher named Pearl Prout, who fancied herself to be quite a musician.  There was a piano in the classroom and she thought Liberace was the greatest pianist of all time.  Anyway we had to sing a solo, accompanied by her on the piano.  What a horrible thing!  I sang "Oh what a beautiful morning" and she was thrilled by my performance and gave me an EXCELLENT on that.  My one shining moment in elementary school.  I never was much good at singing but now I sing loudly (LOUDLY) in my car, which probably hurts the dogs' ears a lot but it feels good.

It's a busy time in the 'hood, there seem to be a lot, LOT LOT of people here.  Isn't it early for summer traffic?  I've been walking the bog (as opposed to walking the dog, only the dogs go along) every morning with friends, sometimes one friend and sometimes 2 friends.  I'm waiting for a friend to call this morning so we can head out together.  Bear is very antsy and eager to go.

Had a lovely dinner with friends last night--these friends have a beautiful house near the top of a mountain with a magnificent view of the bluffs at the foot of Silver Lake.  It was a gorgeous evening, we sat outside for a while before dinner, and the view from their dining room is really grand.  Good food, great friends, a really nice time.  I made my signature cheesecake and that was good.

Today is Father's Day and I have very few friends who still have fathers though I have many friends who are fathers.  My father died in 1981, so long ago.  He was 68 and took a fairly long time to die, poor man.  I did get to have an adult relationship with him and we enjoyed each other's company the last few years of his life.

Tomorrow I'm going to a retirement luncheon for the former director, it will be full of member library directors.  Do I want to spend an afternoon with them?  Not so much but then I'll be reminded of what nice people they are (mostly)(nasty comment) and the luncheon is at someone's house on Lake Champlain so it will be pretty.  It's 45 minutes from my house, man I do a lot of driving.

I worked at the thrift store yesterday but it was sort of slow and I was sort of bored so I only stayed 2 hours.  Felt bad leaving but not bad enough to stay.  I had lunch with friends at a nice restaurant in Upper Jay, that was a treat. 

Dogs are fine, I'm fine, the 3 of us are happy.  I got the boat house opened up and the bed half made so maybe I'll sleep down there tonight.  It's supposed to be a hot day and hot night tonight.  Too hot to mow the lawn, rats.