Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cold enough

It was -11 this morning, is now up to 6 (probably the high for the day).  I'm looking for a friend on Facebook, my former sister-in-law, but am having no luck.  I'm also watching Martha Stewart, who always makes me laugh.  She's adding honey to whatever it is she's cooking--"Greek honey is the best but I'm using MY honey."  Oh Martha honey, what a joke you are.  I did get the best ever pumpkin pie recipe from her, though--the secret ingredient is 1/8 tsp of chili powder.  That makes it.

I ended up in Platts. yesterday, running errands.  It was snowy and the roads were a bit slick but it was an easy trip.  Too many stops--pharmacy didn't have my happy pills so I had to go to another one at the opposite end of town.  Then back to town to pick up things like prints to send to my mother, money, and I can't remember what else.  It was all fine.  Now it's the weekend and the only difference that makes for me is that a) it's a Dump Day, b) daytime TV is totally different, c) I talk to my mother in the morning.  I feel incredibly lucky to have my life right now.  I spend a lot of time pointing that out to the dogs.  People ask how the dogs react to having me home and I think the only thing they notice is that they have no privacy and no time in the house when I'm not here.  Aw shucks.  Tess tried to do one of her "I'm such a bad dog" tricks RIGHT in front of me this morning and all I did was laugh.
My friends are here, at their camp below my house.  They come every January.  I truly enjoy being with them.  They remind me of my brother and his lifetime friends in Rockford (when they all got along)--these 3 have been friends since childhood and love being together.  We're planning to go out for breakfast tomorrow, yay.  I love going out for breakfast.

No big plans for the next week.  Have to return to Platts. to get more prints and hit the pharmacy for a new inhaler.  Next weekend Jim turns 80 and we'll take him out to dinner in Plattsburgh.  Next Sunday I may head to Potsdam to see my great niece (and her daughter, ha ha ha).

What do I do all day every day?  Not much.  I try to do one constructive domestic task each day and have met with some success at doing that.  I read books.  I have a long list of projects but most of them will need warmer weather.  Or maybe that's just an excuse.  Anyway I'm outrageously happy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter pics

 I have a friend who calls my car the Road Warrior.  I DID take it to the car wash a little while ago but that's sort of a waste of money this time of year.
 Two dogs in a car, waiting patiently.
This is how they build the ice palace--this is the men cutting the ice blocks from Lake Flower.  It's really amazing to watch.  They use big saws to cut the blocks.  Wow.

Trip to Saranac Lake

Progress so far--looks great.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Warmer Friday

It's warmed up to 25 today but there's no sun and a cold wind so it feels pretty crappy.  I just walked to the mailbox, which I'm hoping to make a daily habit.  The dogs are getting used to the walk and always check out the bog on the way to the mailbox, so I walk most of the way without them, talking to myself.  "Am I doing this for my health?  Where ARE you?  Actually, I AM doing it for my health"  It's all good.

I need to develop organizational skills for my errands and chores.  Yesterday I went to Saranac Lake to the bank, to the post office and I tried to send a UPS package with no luck.  When I got home I figured out that I needed a bunch of groceries, so this morning I went to Plattsburgh.  I thought the whole point of retiring was to NOT go to Platts.?  So far I go twice a week--poor planning.

It's very quiet in the 'hood right now.  There is somebody down the road, probably Dennis at Silver Lake Camp.  The plow man plows just about every day--we get an inch or so of fluffy stuff just about daily.  When he gets bored with plowing he sands the road.

It was an uneventful week for me, and I got a few things done at home.  Tuesday I had lunch with my friend Barb, always a pleasure.  I was hoping to meet Julie this morning but she had a meeting.  Instead we mad plans for lunch next week.  Monday I'm meeting my friend in Keene Valley for a walk and maybe lunch, depending on the weather.

Dogs are fine, I am fine, life is still good.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas is over

I took the Christmas tree down this morning--I'd kept it up for book group, which was scheduled for yesterday.  I really enjoy having a tree, even if I'm the only one who ever sees it.  I'm happy to have the dinner table back to being a table, and pleased to put away the Christmas stuff.  Let's get on with winter...

It's very pretty here right now, we had some heavy snow last night and more today, so the trees are coated with white.  Nice.  Temp is 30 and due to drop to single digits tonight.  Ah, it was nice while it lasted, and I don't mind single digits.  It's the -20 that I mind most.

Tonight I'm taking dinner to Pat & Jim--I have a chicken to roast so will cook it here and take it to them.  I bought it for book group, but we cancelled last night so what to do with a 5-lb chicken?  Share it, of course.  I had a nice time yesterday at P&J's, good visits with Bill and the Atkinsons.  Everyone is fine, feeling pretty good for January.  Things are moving ahead--we started the ice-out pool.  Duncan & David come at the end of the month, Joe comes in Feb. for The Burn, and in March I hope to get to RI (if not in Feb.) then I go to Georgia.  Time goes by soooo fast.

I'm enjoying being at home, not sick of anything yet.  This morning I drove to Redford for milk, gas and coffee.  Tomorrow I go to Plattsburgh to have car work done and maybe have lunch with a friend.  Friday I went to Platts. and had lunch with a friend from work.  I did go inside and visit a bit with a couple of people but that's not really something I like doing--I've always said, once you're gone you're gone.

The house is warm, too warm but I'm keeping a good fire going.  I still have a lot of wood--more than 8 cords.  I'm burning old wood from Ken's, which is fantastic and dry.  Now I'm mixing it with this year's wood, which is not as dry but still burns well.

So what do I do in retirement?  A little of this and a little of that.  Too much TV, still, but mostly I just have it on instead of NPR, which is what many of my friends listen to.  Noise, just noise.  I'm taking Joe's advice to heart--little things become bigger things in the context of the day, and that works really well for me.  I write letters, clean a bit, do chores, talk to the dogs, and read at night.  I get the paper every day but it doesn't entertain me for long.

Am I still glad I chose to retire?  Yes, more than ever.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 2

Wow it's been almost a month since I left work.  I miss nothing about it, really.  I'm having lunch with a work friend tomorrow and I'm sure she'll fill me in on what's up.  Apparently they've found a librarian to replace me.  This should be good.
It's been cold, was -13 yesterday morning but is now 21.  It was sunny this morning but is now a bit cloudy.  I should walk down to Holts to water Annie's African violets but will I?
I haven't been doing much but seem to have ways of filling my days.  I went to Saranac Lake on Monday, which was good.  Had to pick up my glasses and run a few errands.  I picked up my goldfish, who is now safely installed in the living room.  So far he hasn't frozen and seems to be just fine.
The dogs keep me entertained and busy--they stare at me when they want to go out (every 20 minutes) and eat (every half hour).  They are good companions and don't seem to notice that I don't go to work every day.
I'm adjusting to my new status and am doing well.  I should be more productive but I do get something done each day.  Yesterday I took a big bag to the dump and I have another one loading up to go on Saturday.  I'm slowly, very slowly cleaning the living room in prep. for book group onn Sunday.  I've been reading a bit, nothing really of note but enough to make me feel as if I'm using my brain.  I still watch too much TV.
I'll run errands tomorrow and will feel productive, trying not to spend much money.  I am worried about money, haven't got a check yet.  Social Sec will kick in in February, I think the pension won't come until then, either.  Makes me nervous.
I made dog reservations at the kennel for my Georgia trip in March.  That was a good thing to get done.  I'm supposed to go to the dentist in Pbg on Monday but I think I'll cancel and reschedule.  Next Weds. I go to Burlington to the car dealer to have the oil changed and tires rotated.  That should be a nice trip.
Things are good.  I'm happy, very happy to be at home.  I just had my driveway plowed and as I pulled in today I thought there's nothing like a freshly-plowed driveway.  I'm a girl who's easy to please.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Home for goood

I know, it's been a long time.  I'm adjusting to my new life but it's pretty strange.  I went to RI for 2 weeks and had a good (but maybe too long) visit there.  My mother is fine but is old and doesn't like that.  She & Mark like having me there, and I enjoy being there but I think one week is probably long enough unless there's something like going to to be beach to keep us busy.  Anyway it was a fine trip and my house survived just fine.  That was a big relief, I worried about frozen pipes of course.  Nothing happened.  It got down to -5 while I was gone but the house was 42 at its coldest.  whew.

I've only been home this week, just 3 days until today and I'm having a hard time adjusting to it.  I'm really happy to be home to keep the stove stoked and the house warm, and to keep the dogs entertained but I'm having trouble finding things to do.  It was -20 this morning and the house was freezing, so was the pump.  I got everything set, though, went out & got wood, stoked the stove and now it's toasty and all is well.  I spent one day in Plattsburgh--doctor's appointment and errands, but I got tired of being there before finishing all of my errands so will return tomorrow.  Have to pick up a prescription and still haven't retrieved my goldfish from work.  I don't feel like going there but maybe will tomorrow.  It's a very, very strange sensation to be at home every day.  There's not much to do.  I need to get a lot of cleaning done and hopefully will feel motivated to do that one of these days.  Book group is here on the 18th.  I still have my Christmas tree up but am pretty tired of it.  Will keep it up until after the 18th I guess.

I saw P&J last night and on Sunday, but other than that have been mostly quiet & alone.  I've had phone calls, and have talked to my mother (she worries about me when it's this cold).  I welcome the conversations.  Am I lonely?  Not at all.  I think I'm just worried about my inactivity.  I'll get used to this home life and will perk up I'm sure.  I lie in bed at night and marvel at the fact that I don't work anymore.  Did I do the right thing?  I have no doubt that it was a good thing but I know I was unprepared for the magnitude of the change in my life.  duh.  It's all fine and so am I.  I'm happy, just adjusting.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This is what happened last week.  There was more but this was the first round--about a foot on Tuesday night, then close to another foot Weds.  It's pretty, and as always muffles the noise so it's still and quiet.  The dogs like the snow--Tess is adept at making very good dog snow angels and Treasure eats the snow.  The driveway was plowed twice (we call that a $100 storm) and I actually shoveled a path to the deck stairs.  Oh I'm getting good at this "owning a house" thing.

It's my last week at work, down to the last few days.  I still have plenty to do and have yet to finish cleaning up around my desk.  WHAT AM I WAITING FOR???  I have a lot of files that might be of value to someone.  I keep weeding them, throwing out more each time I go through them.  Mostly I have a lot of discarded books that at one point I thought I would want.  I go through them, too, and throw out a few each time.

Lots of meetings this last week--what ARE they going to do when I'm gone?  I have no strong feelings about who will do my work or how well/whether it will get done.  It's up to someone else now, I've given it my best 30 years.

I have lists of things to get done before leaving for RI on Sunday.  This morning I came to town extra-early so I could get my blood done.  Sure, good idea, except I brought the wrong paperwork so it was for naught.  It's not a big deal for me to get here early, nor is it a big deal to have the blood drawn.  It IS a big deal to have the lab orders, though.  duh.

So far I've had 2 farewell lunches with friends.  Tomorrow night is our union Christmas party.  Thursday I have birthday lunch with Barb, Friday is dinner with Bill & Fred, Sat. is dinner with the Holts, then Sunday at last I'm on the road.  I can stay in RI for a long time, if I want to.  I'm thinking of 2 weeks but if it gets too cold here I'll hustle on home to protect my house.  It got down to 39 in the living room over Thanksgiving, when the outdoor temp was 4, so I'm wary of cold weather.  I shut off the pump (learned that lesson the hard way) and hot water heater, but just about every year there's some problem while I'm in RI at Christmas.

The dogs are great.  Tess is really slowing down but can still wag her tail in a circle.  Treasure is very needy so the two of them really like it when I'm home.  Last week I only worked 2 days--I took one day off to have my new electric stove delivered, we were closed one day, I had a doctor's appointment in Saranac Lake another day, so it was a good week for the dogs.

Last Sunday I went to Saratoga to the calling hours of a friend.  It was a good trip, easy drive down and back, but I didn't stay long at the funeral home, nor did I stick around for the funeral.  I knew that, if I'd gone to the funeral I would have cried a lot, probably loudly, so I skipped that.  She was a wonderful woman, a couple of years younger than I am.

I have lists and lists of things I need to buy or do before leaving for RI.  Yesterday I had 4 stops in town before I left for home, tonight I think I'll have 3 or 4.  I have to get a new tag for Tess' collar, thank you--she lost hers and I hate to take her to RI without any identification because she always seems to get away at least once per visit.  At Thanksgiving she & Treasure took off into the woods and I had to track them down.  Scary.

I'll be in an Internet-free zone in RI but will take my laptop and go either to Mark's work place or to Java Madness, where the deck overlooks the marina, and will check my email and the weather here.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
She's up!  She's pretty!  That's my version of a creche on the table--3 Lab ornaments, 1 sheep ornament and a tiny hunter.  I bought the tree on Saturday, cut it down to table-top size, put it up and decorated it on Sunday.  Is it straight?  Not quite, it leans forward a bit, but it's a nice tree.