Monday, April 23, 2018


We're having an extended mud season this year--it started a few weeks ago but because it was cold and cloudy the mud never had a chance to dry out.  Soooo, my driveway is off-limits for now.  I'm to smart to get stuck in deep mud but too lazy to never drive through the mud.  Deep ruts at the bottom of my driveway but oh well.

I've had good days--last week Annie was here and we went to the gym and had dinners together.  She went back on Saturday.  I've been taking care of a friend's cat while my friend and her husband are out of town.  I had to have help with that last week because their driveway was impassable.  Their house is high on a hill with an incredible view of the bluffs at the foot of the lake, which is really lovely but man the driveway is hell to get up.  Anyway the cat is fine, she's pretty much deaf and blind but otherwise healthy.  I feed her and scratch scratch scratch her until she purrs.

We had book group last night and barely mentioned the book (we had more pressing things to discuss).  We're skipping the month of May, too many conflicts so we'll meet again in June at Linda's camp.  That seems so far away but then I'm reminded that next week is MAY!  The weather has made it hard to believe in the passage of time but we're making progress.  The sun has been out for 2 straight days with more to come (if you want to believe predictors).

Tomorrow is the Archives, we'll do some more scanning.  Wednesday I'm going to a day-long training session in Canton with the woman I work with in the Archives.  It's not training I'm very interested in but it's relevant, about conservation of the collection.  All day???  I promised my co-worker we would go.

I'm sitting on my new couch.  I sleep on my new mattress.  WOW such big changes!

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