Saturday, February 10, 2018

More Snow?

There's usually a time in winter where it snows every day, just an inch or two (or three).  Apparently that time is now.  We got 3 inches last night, nice fluffy stuff, and it's snowing again.  How much will we get?  Who knows, 6 inches?   7 inches?   4 inches?  My mother always asks me how much snow we have on the ground.  It's impossible to tell but there's at least a foot and probably closer to a foot & a half or something.  Does it matter?

I've been busy, not extra-busy but keeping busy.  This morning I went to the gym then to coffee, then to the thrift store for a couple of hours, then had lunch at the diner in Upper Jay with friends.  Then I came home, lay down and dozed.  Whew that was a lot.  My horoscope said something about being charming.  I was charming.

So now it's night time and I was watching the Olympics, men's single luge but the locals weren't doing too well.  I like watching the downhill skiing, not much else.  I know everyone loves the figure skating but that just doesn't do much for me.  Well call me a bitch.

Tomorrow I have to clean clean clean and cook.  I'm having friends come for dinner (I resist the urge to say "I'm having friends for dinner" because, well really, just because).  The dinner is no big deal but the cleaning is daunting.  Always.  I never clean the whole house, just the places people will see (and even those only get a cursory treatment).  Vacuuming is almost my least-favorite thing.  Topped by cleaning the bathroom.

The dogs are doing well.  They were alone in the house for a long time today but did nothing wrong.  They nag and nag at me when I come home, first for food then for ATTENTION.  They are very dear and are both good dogs.  Although somebody threw up on the bed the other night (it wasn't me) and of course Bear has a tendency to eat whatever he finds appealing.

Not too much going on this week, a doctor's appointment and lunch with a friend.  Of course there will be gymming and coffee at Stewart's, plus the Archives (I got a raise!) but I guess I'll have to skip the thrift store on Weds. because that's the doctor time.

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