Monday, October 16, 2017

No snow (yet)

The weatherman predicted a little snow for this morning but nooooo nothing like that is happening.  It's cool, 39 and cloudy but there's no snow.  A bit of rain.  I just went to the dump with massive amounts of stuff but I forgot even more stuff so will go again on Weds. when the other dump is open.  They're not really dumps, they're convenience stations.  Dumpsters.

I had a good weekend, a busy Saturday.  Walked with my friends, coffee with a friend then breakfast at the new cafe/diner in Upper Jay.  It was good but we prefer the diner in Wilmington.  Maybe we'll get used to a new place, who knows.  Anyway the food is good but the atmosphere lacking.

After breakfast I went to the thrift store to volunteer for a couple of hours.  It was good, it's a very busy place on Saturday.  I worked with the book woman, sorted some books, did a little of this and a little of that.  Am going back on Weds.  Will this be a regular thing?  I have no idea.  They need someone to organize the Christmas loft but I don't want to do that.  So how good a volunteer am I if I don't want to do the jobs they need most?

I cleaned the house and made chili for book group, which was last night.  We read a book I didn't really like and didn't finish but we ended up having a good discussion.  Linda called and we had a nice chat with her--nice to hear her voice.  We do miss her.

Today I think I'll walk the dogs then sort clothes.  I don't see me wearing shorts again this year so I think I can put them away.  That means I have to take out my winter clothes to make room for the summer things.  Is it really time to wear corduroy pants?  Supposed to be warm this week, temps in the 60's and maybe even sunny.  That means I should close the boat house.  I will, I will.

No big plans for the rest of the week.  Treadmilled this morning.  Had a gorgeous drive home from the dump, went the long way.  So much color still and that surprised me.  We had heavy winds yesterday and last night with some heavy rain.  The hard maples are holding on to their yellow leaves and the aspens/poplars/birches are being nicely yellow as well.  It's a good show.

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